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  2. I'll be posting it here when I get underway -- Rosser Guitars is building me the unfinished Ash body
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  4. Nice! I’d be really keen to hear how you get on with it. Are you building the body yourself?
  5. Yes, I think it would work perfectly!! I love the Squier VM Mustang neck as well, I have one Mustang I built using that neck, and now I am starting a jag-stang build that will also use a Squier VM Mustang Neck and, you guessed it, a Squier VM Mustang Bridge on the custom jag-stang body 😁
  6. Hi Thanks very much for your reply. I did wonder about the VM Squier mustang as I have one and whether I could just get hold of the same bridge and do a straight replacement. Funnily enough I actually really like the neck on the VM mustang I have as well so I’m tempted just to get hold of a one of them and use that. What do you think? cheers
  7. The Neck will fit - but the Mustang Bridge saddles are going to be @ a 7 1/4 radius -- you would need to either replace the bridge w/ a 9.5 radius Mustang bridge, replace w/ an Adjustable bridge piece (TOM or Jaguar), or just adapt to the slight diff between the curve on the bridge and the fretboard. Squier Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Mustangs and Jags are 9.5 Radius -- a Squier VM Mustang bridge might be just what you need for that modern 9.5 radius neck
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  9. Can anyone tell me whether it would be possible to adapt a Jag-stang to put a modern 9.5 inch radius neck and medium jumbo frets on to it or is that just an impossibility? I have two one red one blue both factory and staying that way and was thinking of buying a third and totally modifying it with a few different things including pick ups and a colour change but I was really only going to bother doing it if I could do the neck. Cheers guys
  10. Welcome! You have some great looking guitars!
  11. Hi 'Folks! Just found this site when researching the Jag-stang - wanted to sign up and say "Hi" 😋 I have been playing guitar for about 8 years, first picking it up at a pretty ripe old age of 48 - and it seems I like modding/building guitars as much as playing them! I have built about a dozen partscasters, mostly Tele's and Strats -- but I DID build two Mustangs from parts: First is "RachaelRose" - A Tonebomb Mustang body, Wudtone hand-rubbed finish. Shes got the Vibrato, electronics, and Neck froma Squier Vintage Modified Mustang. Pickups are Custom made Rose Mustang pickups I really fell in love w/ the Mustang after this build -- and wanted to do a Kurt inspired build: Seymour Duncan JB added to a fully loaded Squier VM Mustang body -- I had to open up the route and cut the PG to accept the HB. Vibrato on this one is fully locked down w washers underneath. Neck is a super-sweet MIJ Kurt Mustang neck - perhaps my favorite neck in my whole stable! Just ordered a Jag-stang body from Rosser Guitars -- looking forward to finishing that and building another "Kurt" inspired guitar! looking forward as well to hanging and posting here -- some really cool info on this site!!
  12. Lately, especially before this purchase, I've been a heavy Tele player. I love the tones and simplicity of the telecaster, yet, this past week I decided to take a chance and impulse bought this 2012 Squier Jaguar they put out to commemorate 50 years since the first Fender Jaguar back in '62. It's a very peculiar guitar and some of the tones I've gotten out of it when briefly playing around through my computer DAW were very interesting and inspiring. I ended up taking into the shop to get setup and new bridge, and can't wait until it returns. I love the way the neck feels. Also love the vibrato system too very fluid sounding
  13. Hi guys! I've got a Fender mustang competition from 1972.😁 When I bought the guitar there was no tremolo arm. I bought a new one online, which fits on a '65, but it doesn't fit.... (https://www.thomann.de/nl/fender_mustang_tremarm.htm) I measured the parts: the tremolo arm is close to Ø5mm (around Ø4,95mm), the bridge hole is around Ø4,7mm. Is the hole size correct, or should it be Ø5mm? Or do I need a thinner arm? Hope someone can help me. Greetings, Willem
  14. It has a "Fender" stamped tailpiece which the Squier doesn't seem to have. Here's a link to some pictures of the guitar. Please note that the bridge, pickups, and pickguard were all modified by the owner before me. https://reverb.com/item/26520730-fender-classic-player-jaguar-special-2010s-olympic-white-nice-upgrades-extras
  15. Hey, did Fender ever release a single coil version of the Classic Player Jaguar in Oly White w/tort guard? I know there's an HH version, but I bought a (used) Oly White Jag that purports to be a Classic Player, but is routed for single coils. But I can't find another Oly White Classic Player with single coils online no matter how hard I look. I see that there's a Squier Classic Vibe in white w/tort. I'm wondering if that's what this body is? I can't go by the neck, because it was replaced with a "Modern Player" before I bought the guitar. Any/all feedback appreciated. I'm selling this guitar and I don't want to misrepresent it. Does anyone know for sure, or can anyone offer ways of distinguishing between a classic player and a classic vibe? Also if there's a better forum to ask this question, please let me know. Thanks!
  16. Hello, I have a telecaster (Phil pro) neck and a mustang floating bridge, pickups, etc. I want to make a DIY good looking jag-stang but I don't know where can I get blueprints with scale. Help to figure out!
  17. Hi all, I have a Jagstang, I think from 2003-2005 (it was a birthday present and I can't remember the exact date!) which has always had some problems with the first string sounding out of tune, buzzing and being unable to actually play at the 14th fret (you have to press done very hard to hear the note). Above 14th fret you can hear the pitches but there is more buzz than usual. I used to think the problem was either my playing or just a fault with the guitar that couldn't be fixed (I was young). Starting to realise as I dig it out and want to play it again that it could possibly be an issue with the bridge. After looking through some posts here I am seeing suggestions for raising/altering the bridge, getting a new one etc.. But was just wondering what the best option would be or if anyone has had any similiar issues as I haven't been able to find a thread about certain frets not having any intonation at all. Cheers
  18. My Mustang Ser # starts with 41. It's on the Fender Site as a 1967 Mustang
  19. The nut broke off my mustang right by the high E string. Now when I downpick the string falls off the nut. Any ideas or help on what to replace the nut with ? Original nut is black and would prefer to keep it black.
  20. Hi! just my 2cts here but, have you tried Sweetwater?
  21. New big block neck and Freakin Partscaster decal..
  22. Hi there, I’ve recently acquired a Jag-Stang (1996) - it’s in pretty good order for its age but just needs a little TLC. Does anybody know a supplier for parts in Australia. Im after a scratch plate (right handed) and 1or 2 tuners. Lots of suppliers for Teles and Strats but Jag-Stangs are a little more rare -Cam
  23. Hi Mad Mike,

    I just bought a Vintage Modified Mustang and I was reading your post about setting up the trem. I'm a bit confused on a few points and I was wondering if you could help me out.

    First, you mention lubing the pivots and the screws. I assume this means to lube 1) the area on the post which pivots, 2) the knife's edge on the plate which the post pivots on, and 3) the screws....where? which screws?

    Second, you mention wrapping the bridge screws with 3M tape to stick them in place a bit. Could Loctite achieve the same result? I'll be using Loctite to hold the saddle intonation screws in place.

    And lastly, you mention that the stem of the whammy bar should be at a specific angle. Are you referring to the angle at which the whammy protrudes from the cigar bar when at rest, relative to the surface of the guitar?

    Thank you,


  24. I want to find a Jazzmaster that has a rather thin, not chunky neck. I read somewhere that the MIJ models have such a neck. I am lusting over a Fender '60s jazzmaster lacquer guitar and am wondering if it would fit my needs. I know it would be best to try in person, but these seem rather hard to find in store...I hate ordering a guitar and then finding out the neck is too chunky and have to return it...I have done that before. Any experience and suggestions would be appreciated. I have been playing guitar for over 55 years now, and my first good guitar I purchased used in 1963 and was a Jazzmaster..paid $240 for it...dang, I should have kept it...bet you've never heard that before ! haha
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