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    Hi Thanks very much for your reply. I did wonder about the VM Squier mustang as I have one and whether I could just get hold of the same bridge and do a straight replacement. Funnily enough I actually really like the neck on the VM mustang I have as well so I’m tempted just to get hold of a one of them and use that. What do you think? cheers
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    Hi 'Folks! Just found this site when researching the Jag-stang - wanted to sign up and say "Hi" 😋 I have been playing guitar for about 8 years, first picking it up at a pretty ripe old age of 48 - and it seems I like modding/building guitars as much as playing them! I have built about a dozen partscasters, mostly Tele's and Strats -- but I DID build two Mustangs from parts: First is "RachaelRose" - A Tonebomb Mustang body, Wudtone hand-rubbed finish. Shes got the Vibrato, electronics, and Neck froma Squier Vintage Modified Mustang. Pickups are Custom made Rose Mustang pickups I really fell in love w/ the Mustang after this build -- and wanted to do a Kurt inspired build: Seymour Duncan JB added to a fully loaded Squier VM Mustang body -- I had to open up the route and cut the PG to accept the HB. Vibrato on this one is fully locked down w washers underneath. Neck is a super-sweet MIJ Kurt Mustang neck - perhaps my favorite neck in my whole stable! Just ordered a Jag-stang body from Rosser Guitars -- looking forward to finishing that and building another "Kurt" inspired guitar! looking forward as well to hanging and posting here -- some really cool info on this site!!
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    Welcome! You have some great looking guitars!
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    Lately, especially before this purchase, I've been a heavy Tele player. I love the tones and simplicity of the telecaster, yet, this past week I decided to take a chance and impulse bought this 2012 Squier Jaguar they put out to commemorate 50 years since the first Fender Jaguar back in '62. It's a very peculiar guitar and some of the tones I've gotten out of it when briefly playing around through my computer DAW were very interesting and inspiring. I ended up taking into the shop to get setup and new bridge, and can't wait until it returns. I love the way the neck feels. Also love the vibrato system too very fluid sounding
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