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    Hi guys ! It took some time but here it is : finished. pickups are : fender tele 52 neck pup - seymour duncan antiquity bridge pup 2 volumes no tone, 500k pots on middle position pickups are out of phase so I'll need to re-wire it. Pickguard came from warmoth and body from guitar mill so it's not a perfect fit but it fits. The body is seafoam green. As i was saying in my first post the boatneck contour seemed a bit strange to me, but once I played it with strings on it and everything it really felt nice in my hand.
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    got the first few coats of blue on today. i cant begin to tell you how lovely this color is. it reflects light so oddly.
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    hey, i received the body yesterday ! i had to work a bit on the neck pocket because it was a bit tight for the neck. here's how it looks like... i still need to drill a few holes in the body and in the neck and i'm waiting for the string ferrules to finally put some strings in it... i'll need to order a custom pickguard too but i'm not sure if i want or not to have a neck pickup...
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