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    Picked up another Jag-stang this week. (the one on the right) Found it at a local pawn shop for $450 out the door. These things are hard to find around here. Its a 1996, 50th anniv. with a V serial number. Came with Fender hard case..may be the original? The Jag-stang on the left, i have owned for nearly 15 years. It too, was bought at a local pawn shop. I gave $300 out the door, with case. It is an earlier production MIJ 'T' serial number. May still be listed in Aug's 'Jag-stang serial numbers' thread, first or second page.
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    It came with the white scratchplate. I bought a new red fender one. Im changing the pickups this week...Did some research and, in the end, I picked those models:
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