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  1. The default spacing recommended by Fender is: Humbuckers Bass Side: 4/64" (1.6 mm) Treble Side: 4/64" (1.6 mm) (via fender.com) That being said the height is easy to adjust so it's best to experiment a bit and see what you like best.
  2. Jag-Stang on Ray-X

    That's pretty cool being able to see the truss rod through the neck.
  3. My Jazzmaster projecr

    I love the look of the guitar! How are you liking the mastery bridge?
  4. Hi XaG. You mean like is in the below photo, correct? Those are just stickers and they were sometimes removed by owners over the years. Some of the guitars may have never had the stickers. It's hard to know for sure. The presence of those stickers is no real indication of the year the guitar was made.
  5. New CIJ Jagstang

    Congrats! I had a similar experience trying out Squier VM Jazzmasters a while back. Local store had 3 of them and I found 1 to be a lot better than the other 2 for some reason. Strange!
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. Thomann has had a lot of positive feedback on their customer service over the last few years. So it's a bit disappointing to hear this. Hopefully they make good somehow. Let us know if anything else happens.
  7. Squier JAGMASTER 2008

    Congrats on the new guitar! Looks great!
  8. Do you have any guitar luthiers/shops near you? Or maybe even a Guitar Center? What I would do is take that floating bridge off the guitar and take it into the shop or store. Most places usually have a bin of loose parts like this and hopefully find one that fits perfectly. And with an added bonus of not having to buy all 12 new screws.
  9. I've not seen any additional rumors since this collection of photos. Bummed!
  10. Searching through past ebay auctions fiesta red lefties seem to go for $800-$1000. Depending on guitar condition and if a case is included, etc.. An ebay listing with really good description and exceptional photos showing the guitars good and bad parts will bring the most money.
  11. Hi Jaggernaut. Have you had the pickguard off to see if there are any loose grounding wires? I'm not familiar enough with the VM jags to know if the bridge or vibrato is grounded in the default configuration. That would be one possibility. The scratchy sound can also be static build up on the pickguard area of the guitar. And using the vibrato causes the static to move around and is picked up by the electronics. This will sound stupid but you can try getting a dryer sheet and rubbing it around on the pickguard and other plastic bits of the guitar. The dryer sheets eliminate the static build up from the plastics. Has worked on a few of my guitars.
  12. New to the forum

    Congrats on the new guitar!
  13. Pics of your Jag-Stangs

    Very cool look with the mirror and black colors!
  14. Nicely done! Thanks for sharing fuzzy.
  15. I get the same feeling. There is some hint of blue or green or both in those photos.