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  1. Hi! I don't have exact dimensions. You may be able to search guitar parts places online to see if there are any good matches. For example - allparts.com has a lot of mustang tremolo parts. (reissue and vintage) I've no idea if vintera is same size as reissue. AllParts.com - TREMOLO ARM FOR REISSUE MUSTANG (link) AllParts.com - TREMOLO ARM FOR VINTAGE MUSTANG (link)
  2. Congrats on your new guitar! Very cool you've found one in such great shape. If you're a facebook user also check us out over there - a bit more activity than the forum. https://www.facebook.com/jagstangcom/
  3. Hello! Check out this youtube video to see if it matches your problems with the tremolo. Not the same guitar but probably same tremolo issue.
  4. Fender has never released any production figures for the JagStang. We do know there were no left handed models produced during the "reissue" period from 2003-2006.
  5. Another thing to add .. if you compare the color of these American Performer guitars on the Fender Site vs Sweetwater... They also look totally different. I give up.
  6. Even to this day the consistency of what Fender calls "sonic blue" can be up for question. Though it is more consistent than the past. Here's a link to the US Fender shop with search term "sonic blue". https://shop.fender.com/en-US/search?q=sonic+blue&lang=en_US Scroll down to 'American Performer Telecaster' and 'American Performer Mustang' - and then go into the details for each. They are calling this color 'satin sonic blue' which has the green tint to it. And it doesn't even match the color selector on the detail page. So who knows?? lol. I guess it's something to keep
  7. Technically only 'Sonic Blue' and 'Fiesta Red' were ever made. There may be some slight tint differences in different production runs but the vast majority of differences in color is down to the lighting. Here's a few examples in the Registry where different photos of the same sonic blue guitar look to be different colors: https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/2184 https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/2175 https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/guitarinfo/2202 Also if you just browse through the registry the sonic blue colors look all over the place. https://www.jag-
  8. Don't have a name for you, but very cool build!
  9. Hello. I think I have seen someone attempt this change but couldn't find the photos. However I really don't recommend it. You will LITERALLY devalue your jagstang more than a NEW classic vibe jaguar/jm costs.
  10. Hello! It should certainly have a serial number. I believe in the location shown in the photo below. If it's not there check for signs (in that area) that it might have been removed. That happens to guitars that get stolen quite often. Or it may have had the neck replaced at some point.
  11. Hello! I'm not familiar enough with the Jaguar wiring to give any specific recommendations. Are you trying to get back to the "stock" switch functionality or change the functionality of the switch to something else? In general, when looking for schematics, I start at https://images.google.com. You might find something that meets your requirements doing that. Below is just an example of what can be found.
  12. Congrats on the new guitar! Looks great! Everyone is different when it comes to the sound of their pickups so difficult to recommend. Try out everything you can and see what fits your style and setup the best.
  13. Very good to hear! The images you've uploaded to squire-talk seem to require a signed in user to view. Any chance you can put them someplace open to public?
  14. Looks like a start of a great project! Thanks for sharing your progress with us!
  15. Welcome! You have some great looking guitars!
  16. Hey, it looks great! Thanks for sharing your progress with us.
  17. Hi. Check out Fender chart on the following link to help date your Jaguar. If you're not sure where it fits with that info share a photo of the guitar's serial number with us. https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214343783-How-can-I-find-out-when-my-Japanese-made-instrument-was-manufactured-
  18. I'll probably just make your decision even more difficult. But the new 'Classic Vibe' models that were announced at NAMM are hitting stores right about now. I would wait until I could try some of those out before making a decision. There is a new 60's Mustang model that you might like. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MustCV60SB--squier-classic-vibe-60s-mustang-sonic-blue There are also new 60s style Jazzmaster and new 70s style Jaguar. The 'Classic Vibe' line from Squier has been a real fan favorite in the past but there are not many reviews of these new models out yet. Th
  19. Thanks for posting! The first time I saw this particular article was Feb 2017. https://www.facebook.com/jagstangcom/posts/article-on-fender-com-by/10155035166462630/ If i had to guess I would saw they "bump" articles like this from time to time.. maybe they are trying to get more interest going for that new Powercaster as well. Hard to say.
  20. Hey! This project looks very cool! Thanks for sharing your experiences with it as you progress.
  21. Hello! The differences are very minor and the majority of people will not notice them. Here's the main differences. Primary difference is that the reissue has an alder body and the original issue has basswood body. The reissue pickups are also called something different but I've not heard anyone saying they prefer one over the other. The reissue pickguard may have a more "shiny" material in it than the original. I do not believe there are any neck differences. Someone please jump in if you have this answer. Here's some more info to help your research.
  22. Hello! We also came across this in our Jag-Stang Registry where we order the jag-stang's by serial number. If you look at this page of jag-stangs in the Registry you can see the transition from MIJ to CIJ with a V+6 serial number. (ignore the V999999 number) https://www.jag-stang.com/registry/view/39/2 We know that japan production moved to a new plant in the 96/97 time period. See wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Japan So best guess would be that these CIJ V+6 are "transitional" serials and not really unique. From the limited number of guitars in the Regist
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