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  1. Oh come on now...I'd play anything for her, In fact...I'm playing with something right now.
  2. Ambassador nietz: "what has the offender to say for himself" cobain: "I love teh jag-stang" Ambassador nietz: "kiss thy royal jag-stang and be gone."
  3. Your going to hate hearing this, but its not your guitar as much as it is your amp settings. You should really do some google searches for the "sound" your looking for. If you want smashing pumpkins sound, do a search for it. I play a JB in a Jag-Stang, and I can play Pantera/Metallica to Country, but I also have a Marshall AVT150H head and Cab, and A Fender Deville 2x12 Hotrod combo at my diposal to achieve the sounds I want. It takes alot of fiddling to get the right tone. I suggest taking sound breaks or (rest your ears) for a hour, then go a listen to the amp again, you'll be suprised how it will sound, either worse than you thought or better. Also the volume level you play at will effect the tone of your amp/guitar combo as well. Sorry but I suggest fiddling more with it before you throw in the towel. Oh and mark your setting down on paper so you won't forget how you got that tone. Good luck.
  4. Aug...do you have the template for your 64 stang? If so, I want one.
  5. So why is that hard? I have no problems at all...I can palm mute every single place thats playable.
  6. I palm mute by resting my palm against the strings just in front of the bridge. I don't understand what you mean by palm muting on the 12th fret? I can palm mute all of the frets.
  7. Dakota red back then was sprayed either thin/1 coat or a 2 coats/thick or with primer or without and no primer will tend to be darker, I read that whole ramble somewhere online. Fender back in the day was really cheap on paint, they used the bare minimum, and paint fades in time or darkens, depends on how it lived life. I also read somewhere that different factory's mixed the color diff or something like that so there were some darker and some lighter, etc.
  8. Looks sweet. I don't think the paint has been refinished, the sticker on the pick guard gives it character if your girl, but the guitar looks great, check into Seymour Duncan pups.
  9. I'd suggest writing a song the way you like that sonds kool and is not kurdtz, then he will want to know how that kool sond is made from the riff you played and he will learn without knowing it. Before you know it, he will take the new chords you have shown him and begin to explore the fretboard and wonder what that would sound like played somewhere else, and the rest will be history. You have to plant a seed in order to grow a tree.
  10. Sweet stang. Sorry to hear, ebay is your friend. Welcome to the boards.
  11. you lucky bassturd. I used to study at this place...http://www.apcstudios.com
  12. If anyone in your band or yourself has a windows 95 cpu or mac os9, you can download protools free and use it to record and mix. But it will still be one track at a time recording, unless you pick up a Digi 001 off of ebay for $400 that will do 8 at the same time with the option of adding 8 more via adat light pipe and a 8 channel mic pre for a grand total of 16 channels available to record at the same time! but you don't use ebay. so nevermind. p.s. Read the Thread in this section called "idiot pilot" or something like that.
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