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  1. Why don't you start with a proper setup with 11's? Agreed.
  2. Conversely, I am still recovering form the horror that was the POD i borrowed. But if it's nuetered plasticky tone you dig, then this is the thing to get.
  3. My Grandpa has a 1926 Jaguar. The pickups are really good.
  4. Audacity makes me want to die. But that's casue i used ot use Live.
  5. new URL, also you can do bass VI and electric XII. http://asphaltlove.5000megs.com/
  6. COngratufookicglations! Jazzmaster day is the best day! I agree with the setup solution though. I had to replace a saddle on mine, the low "e" it owuld be. with a tele saddle thathas a nice ddep wide groove, but i play like a real moron, so you might not need it after all.
  7. I like it. i already have an "inie cred" guitar, so i owuldn't mind a reliable, loud, sexy looking beast of a guitar.
  8. Also some older (80's/90's) Telecaster saddles can be used, the barrel kind, that is. I had to do that last night, in fact, because I could not prevent my low string from jumping out of the saddle, and my saddle height adjustment screws are immobile, due to some ill-advised LocTite action.
  9. Right now I'm rockin' DADD on my tele, DADAAE on my Jazzmaster, which I never would have tried unless i had picked up a friends guitar and written a song inlike, 10 seconds with that tuning. It seemed to me like that hi E would foul things right up, but it goes nicely. Then of course the bariotne is BF#BB
  10. have a really wimpy neck pickup? When I played the guitar in the shop, it sounded really good. But now at home, i compare it to my tele, and the neck pickup just doesn't have the beef! Of course I've heard that Japanese JM pickups are poo, do the upgrades have mroe beef? Or is the lean sound art of the JM mystique?
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