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  1. The point was to show what sounds you can get out of a very simple instrument, not to change your preferences in music. I personally don't listen to Nirvana and probably never will because I don't like that style of music. Just because I don't like Nirvana/Cobain that doesn't make it lame suicidal junkie stuff, it just means that I prefer other kinds of music. Lots of people love Nirvana...go for it.
  2. check out these low quality guitars.
  3. You are absoultely right about quality not always being desirable to get a certain sound. I built a guitar out of a 1x2 oak board, a wooden cigar box, three cheap tuners and strings, a bolt for the nut and bridge and a $1.99 buzzer from radio shack as a piezo pickup. Sounds crazy right? I can certainly get a much better slide blues sound from that guitar than from my $2000+ Koa Martin acoustic. The box is in open D and wails. Will it ever sound like a Martin...never but it is killer for delta blues.
  4. I know that's what he meant, and my remark still holds. Ditto. I never questioned your remark. All guitars have a different sound and I believe that one should choose the guitar/guitars that they like best. No quality guitar is "better" than another...they just sound different. While most of my guitars are acoustic, I do own a '64 Mustang. As far as my acoustics, my Martin - solid Koa, 1939 Gibson - spruce and mahogany, Self built at a luthier school, spruce and maple or a resonator with a copper top for example all sound different. If I want a particular sound, I can pick the one I want. I am sure that the same principle holds true with electrics - different electronics and body material - different sounds. respectfully,
  5. I think he meant to take the comment back, not the guitar.
  6. Check out http://www.guitartechcraig.com/techneck/necks.htm
  7. The fretboard on a guitar is not supposed to be flat...there is some curvature that is normal because the neck has been raduised.
  8. The article was about a Greatful Dead auction and the mention of the Hendrix guitar was more of a foot note about other things that the auction house had sole.
  9. I was reading an article about an auction of Greatful Dead stuff and at the end of the article in mentioned that the people that ran the auction sold Jimi Hendrix's 1966 Red Fender Mustang for $400,000.
  10. You are right. I probably should have kept my mouth shut. I bought one for my '64 Mustang and decided to leave it off. It sticks way up and you can't hold the trem and strum or pick at the same time. Can someone delete my previous post. No disrespect intended Jason.
  11. How about $10.49 buy it now on ebay. It is not me selling them. http://tinyurl.com/yphnnr It may not be an exact copy but the price is right.
  12. About the only real difference the wood chosen for an electric guitar body will make is in the sustain. The harder the wood the less it absorbs the energy of the vibrations of the strings. With an electric guitar you want as much of the energy of the string vibration to stay on the string so the pickup can amplify it. The opposite is true for an acoustic guitar...you want to have the string energy transferred to the body so the body of the guitar can amplify the sound. It is pure physics...no magic involved I can definately tell the tonal differences in my solid Koa (dense wood) Martin and my guitar that has a spruce top and maple back and sides.
  13. If the instructions are followed, the only thing coming in contact with the metal parts is the fumes from the acid, not the acid solution.
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