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  1. If every modern Fender was anointed with the holy-water of Leo Fender (siphoned from a bottle of his stagnant-piss found down the back of the office sofa), I'd understand your attitude...but these days? (just pulling your leg, by the way). Personally, I wouldn't care if it's Squire, not in this day and age where everything is cut by machine and consistency is good from guitar-to-guitar. The review I read the other day really rated this guitar. I dare say the shielding, jack and pots are poor, but they're easily (anc cheaply) replaced. PUs are alnico...probably don't need an upgrade (again
  2. Similar to the Mustang: http://www.squierguitars.com/products/s ... 0303050589 Pretty decent price (enough to buy PU upgrades).
  3. Although not Fender, these 'new' (reissue) Danos are clearly Jazz/Jag inspired, so thought this the best place to post: http://www.danelectro.com/guitars_main.html Without even playing one, can't you just tell that the trem is a crock!? Pity, as the rest looks decent. I like them.
  4. According to the latest edition of Guitar & Bass magazine: "Dunfermlin-based retailer Sound Control, owner of Turnkey and Soho Soundhouse, has gone into administration" It says that the internet operation has 'shut up shop', although I didn't test this (obviously). Just something to be wary of if they are accepting orders.
  5. Jag in action: Don't really get a look until the solo (around the 1.50 min mark)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7QvwdOt ... re=related
  7. I've never looked inside a HH, so don't know how they've done things, but there'll be a wire somewhere from the bridge (usually stuffed into the hole for the bushings with tunomatics: which is how contact is made) to a common ground point. They might have done something like staple the other end of the wire into the wood of the control cavity, on the surface, and this makes contact with the metal plate with the controls etc? Cheap Multimeters cost around
  8. And your new pickguard is shielded, right?
  9. It definitely sounds like a grounding issue. All your hardware/screening will connect to ground one way or another. A check with a multimeter will reveal if it all connects up. Set it for resistance and measure between all points that are shielded. Resistance should be zero (or as good as). If your meter is digital and has a continuity meter, use this (it'll beep if there's continuity). Often, if the wire from the bridge to the control cavity (this grounds the strings) comes undone, you get the hum you described. If the wire's in tact, it could be a dodgy joint that is causing the probl
  10. And on the subject of copies... http://www.wesleyguitars.co.uk/storefro ... =236208633
  11. Try this link instead: http://jazzmaster-nostalgia.blogspot.co ... r-may.html
  12. JImi managed with a Jazz, so why not! Looks pretty cool upside down: http://bp3.blogger.com/_r6O5ge4sKec/Raa ... _1965.jpeg
  13. http://www.bollen.us/guitar/S4w-GTSW-02 ... Jaguar.jpg http://books.google.com/books?id=hYteWI ... 2J8Ql-zBgU Did a search and couldn't find any reference to the above, so thought I'd post it. Pretty weird!
  14. I'd never heard of it, but just googled and it does look very similar: http://www.pittsburghguitars.com/collantigua.html
  15. So it is! The owner has subbed in a strat PU but the look of things. Had a scan through the Framus site and the following are all the other Jazz/Jag shaped ones (well, the ones with pictures that is): 5/167 Strato de Luxe Series 5/168-52 Strato de Luxe 5/168-54gl Golden Strato de Luxe 5/170 Electrona 5/068 Strato de Luxe 12 10370 Junior de Luxe
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