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  1. I got this at a local store last week. it was made in August 1965. It has a slab board body and a 24" B neck with a thin veneer rosewood fretboard.
  2. Cool! I always liked those mexi Duo-Sonics. Here are a couple of guitars I got at a local store a Firebird VII and a Moderne replica.
  3. I bought a Jaguar this week.,t's a 1963 Fender Jag that was refinished in Shoreline gold and had a lot of other mods done in the early 80's. I never owned Jaguar before so I am pretty excited. It won't be delivered until next week but I have some pictures,check it out:
  4. Thanks! I got these guitars this month: an '81 Fender Bullet an '87 Squier Bullet and a "98 Les Paul Special
  5. Cool stuff...Love the Jag! I got a '64 Hofner Senator E1 yesterday. It's the same as the guitar Jeff Beck smashed in "Blow-Up".
  6. Thanks! This my new(old) punk rock guitar. It's a '73 Rickenbacker 480. I got it on Ebay for $710. Somebody probably did all these mods back in the 70's or 80's. The neck pickup is a Gibson T-bucker and the bridge is a DiMarzio Super Distortion. The trem is a Bowen Handle. It had a tune-o-matic bridge when I got it but I got it changed to a Schaller roller bridge and I got a coil tap on the bridge pickup. It plays great now and sounds awesome.
  7. I hope they add more colors I know,it's a Dodge Charger,but it's the same color as the Cyclone on the right above,Carmel Metallic.
  8. I got this guitar a couple of days ago. It's it's a little beat up but plays great. I think it is the smallest Fender I have ever seen(compared to the strat bottom photo). Super light and comfy too.
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