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  1. I got this at a local store last week. it was made in August 1965. It has a slab board body and a 24" B neck with a thin veneer rosewood fretboard.
  2. Cool! I always liked those mexi Duo-Sonics. Here are a couple of guitars I got at a local store a Firebird VII and a Moderne replica.
  3. I bought a Jaguar this week.,t's a 1963 Fender Jag that was refinished in Shoreline gold and had a lot of other mods done in the early 80's. I never owned Jaguar before so I am pretty excited. It won't be delivered until next week but I have some pictures,check it out:
  4. Thanks! I got these guitars this month: an '81 Fender Bullet an '87 Squier Bullet and a "98 Les Paul Special
  5. Cool stuff...Love the Jag! I got a '64 Hofner Senator E1 yesterday. It's the same as the guitar Jeff Beck smashed in "Blow-Up".
  6. Thanks! This my new(old) punk rock guitar. It's a '73 Rickenbacker 480. I got it on Ebay for $710. Somebody probably did all these mods back in the 70's or 80's. The neck pickup is a Gibson T-bucker and the bridge is a DiMarzio Super Distortion. The trem is a Bowen Handle. It had a tune-o-matic bridge when I got it but I got it changed to a Schaller roller bridge and I got a coil tap on the bridge pickup. It plays great now and sounds awesome.
  7. I hope they add more colors I know,it's a Dodge Charger,but it's the same color as the Cyclone on the right above,Carmel Metallic.
  8. I got this guitar a couple of days ago. It's it's a little beat up but plays great. I think it is the smallest Fender I have ever seen(compared to the strat bottom photo). Super light and comfy too.
  9. Haha,thanks! Do you like my new (used)strat? It's a 2003 MIM 60s Classic.
  10. I got this guitar last week. It's a Hofner 4578 VTZ
  11. Haha,thanks! Most of the "art collection" belong's to my girlfriend but the "Keene" print's are mine. Most of them used to hang on the walls of "The House Of Breakfast" in South Minneapolis. Back in the 80's you could often find the Replacement's there having breakfast after all the bars had closed.
  12. I got this one last week. It's a 2011 American Tele Natural Ash.I got it used at a store near my house.
  13. Yes,I did! Wow! How did you know? Did you see this guitar at that store?
  14. Like a 4001 style body? That would be cool. The had a couple of models like that in the '70s
  15. It's a 2006 but it's new to me. It was refinished in 2011 by Mark Johnson at MJ Guitar Engineering. I had to buy it because,well,,,how can a guy named westtexasred not own a red guitar,right? Check out the beautiful faux binding.
  16. Thanks Man. Hey,great pictures.Your Maverick is gorgeous! Here are some guitars I got recently.
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