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  1. if it's a japanese jazzy i'd just get a better jazzmaster bridge pickup for it. the SD quarter-pounder seems to come highly reccomended as a replacment for the CIJ unit. while you're on that novak site there's some ballsier single-coils on there for jazzies as well. the general consensus is that the stock pickups sound really thin, so a humbucker might not be the automatic answer, a better single-coil might be. and it'd certainly look better if you have a pickup that fits in the existing cover, too. no-one need be the wiser.
  2. that's not a lipstick dude, it's a tele neck pickup. "lipstick" pickups are the original danelectro single coils (which were housed in chrome lipstick tubes they got cheap from a cosmetics supplier, which is where the name came from). there are now many "strat" lipstick imitations, which use the dano design in a smaller tube that will go in a regular fender singlecoil space without routing, like SD's. tele neck pickups are pretty much small, underpowered versions of what would become the strat pickups. they have a chrome cover, but comparisons to lipsticks end there.
  3. i saw them at Slim's in SF last night and he was using a sunburst jazzie with tort pickguard and black pickup covers. for the encore he used a vintage white with gold ano pickguard. both had tune-o-matics. this has already been covered, and i may as well mention he didn't use it last night, but i'm sure his signature jazzy is just a standard one with big frets and a tune-o-matic, like he said... better suited to his lead style than a stock jazzy set-up. apart from that it follows his signature purple/gold colour scheme as per his old purple marshall superlead stack. wasn't there a dino jr box set that was purple and gold too? i basically think when all their gear got stolen he just splurged on himself at the fender custom shop and had a jazzmaster built to his exact specifications so he could keep rocking immediately, but then re-stocked his vintage collection while on tour. fender probably gave them an endorsement when he had the jazzmaster made, i noticed lou barlow had a '51 style p-bass and new fender bass amp instead of that daisy rock thing. also, mascis may have many jazzmasters, but he appears to only own one set of clothes. same t-shirt as in that onstage pic, and he walked into the club wearing his adidas gear from the new video.
  4. who said fender sucks? noel "mr. tele" gallagher? do you have a problem with someone saying "Gibson Sucks?" cause that's like, this forum's motto or something at times. i think the double standard will always exist as long as there's people out there who only REALLY love one style/brand of guitar, which is how a lot of people on here are, and how the oasis dude probably is (by the way, i've seen him playing teles A LOT). besides, someone you don't know saying "fender sucks" shouldn't be something to lose sleep over, yo.
  5. well my father and I had been working on a Marshall 1959slp clone, and finished it today. it's a straight copy and was really fun to build. the case and chassis were bought from metroamp.
  6. no chance in hell, it's fun to pretend though. come to think about it, getting any other jazzmaster (that includes the AV) and refinishing it would probably turn out cheaper than whatever his sig jazzy is going to be. how many CHEAP signature fenders you seen? how many signature jazzies you seen? cheap signature jazzy? i guess fender japan could do an "unofficial" one like bandit's KC Jag, but how much did that run him? (bandit?) and the j.jazcis will be a special custom colour, not some faded-out burst.
  7. in my experience, the neck tele pickup style is the worst pickup fender ever made. the bridge one is the BEST they ever did though, so it evens out.
  8. plus the jag-stang was first released late 1995, making the likelihood of it being a '93/'94.... not great.
  9. yeah, we know. sorry you learned the hard way!
  10. i have a japanese jag and it's great, but for you i'd reccomend a jazzmaster actually: it has the same scale length as your strat and a bit more depth out of the pickups (for the benefit of jazz/rock/hiphop fusion sounds), but everything else is the same as on a jag, just less chrome. i think it'd be less of a departure from your strat and therefore an easier transition if any of the jaguarish things like the bridge or rhythm circuit ARE gonna throw you off at first. and of course, you're still looking in the same circles (CIJ vs. AV) and similar prices for one, so it won't turn your quest upside down to look into jazzmasters as well.
  11. "Sometime in October 1998 the band Weezer played an underground show under the name Goat Punishment.This show consisted of mostly Nirvana "covers" the similarities in The vocals are shocking.The guitar riffs and tone are not so close however.But this is obviously due to the fact that "Kurt" wrote these songs left handed and when performing as Rivers had to make the adjustments to a standard right handed guitar. Below are Mp3s of this very show so you can listen and judge for yourself." wow. p.s, i distinctly remember news of Goat Punishment being broken right here at js.com back in '98 (a thread titled WEEZER DOES NIRVANA!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!) i don't think there was a single person on this board that had anything bad to say about it, it was like the holy grail giving birth to naked 18 year old twin girls, in our minds.
  12. i was reading an interview with the man in question the other day, and he said a lot of times they don't use amps live, but have speaker cabinets onstage for a visual foil. they plug into Line 6 Pods and then into the PA. Rivers prefers it, as there isn't a lot of volume on the stage so it's better for his singing, but there are speakers so they still look cool. not my cup of tea but there ya go, he's a twat 90% of the time anyway right so what are ya gonna do. he says they started doing it just after Pinkerton bombed when they were playing bowling alleys and skating rinks and stuff and having an amp was less practical.
  13. i have two, one of the original cigarette pack ones (started to fall apart) and a plastic-cased one. they sound pretty cool through a cab, i really just use them as travel amps though. you have to use the guitar's volume and tone knobs to get a good sound out of them that way. they really aren't anything special though, apart from the fact that you can get them in cigarette packs. zinky manufacture a higher-gain version of the plastic smokey under the Supro name, clearly aimed more at the people running smokeys thru cabs:
  14. yeah it was a problem with the AC jack. it's not permanently fixed but it's useable, i have it soldered directly to the terminals at the mo with a homemade strain-relief (i.e. a knot in the cord).
  15. Digitech XP-100 Whammy/Wah, Boss CE-3 Chorus, Dunlop MXR Phase 90, Fulltone Supa-Trem, ProCo Rat Deucetone, Vox wah. i've painted the VOX letters, my marshall jcm 900 footswitch, the notch on the knob of the phase 90 and my polychorus (not pictured) with glow-in-the-dark paint. bad-ass. the footswitch for the jcm 900 is seldom used, much like the amp itself. i only use them for reverb.
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