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  1. Hello my (Jaguars psycho) friends. I've been ot moving and playing some gigs... Now I'm a Texan thanks for the kind words with respect: I can proudly say that the stereo Jag WORKS! and pretty well. the sound options are between nice to over whelming. the Jag is a perfect guitar to make into a stero as it was originally planned to be one. I made 4 guitars from normal (mono) to stereo. one with a strat style wring, a tele style wiring, fender Baritone and the Jag. All work, althoug only Baritone and the (now stolen) Jag were 'full stereo'. before I go any further with this you ('Ikiru') have to understand that you will need some courage and to believe that it's gonna be great and everything is fixable. trust me it felt weird messing with that 40 year old Jag. so if you wanna do this, i'll guide you through sTITch
  2. I kinda like it I would bid onn that acordion
  3. here it is as simple as the basic idea is: explanation: each pu is splitted two way to two toggles.the coil tap had made it complicated but now it is irrelavent to the problem i believe. remember- jack is stereo so everything is working But- When the two toggles using the same one of the pick ups, they immediately become identical. I know there's a way around this! hope somebody here has an idea I can try.
  4. With pleaseure. What progrem should I use to draw a schematic? it is wired stereo right now, but no full seperation. There are two kind of stereo wiring, full and 'Semi'. 'Semi' means one pick up for every channel, Rickenbecker and Gibson had Semi stereo on the market. while full stereo means total control of each pick up goes to what channel. Noone I know of ever used full stereo in guitar. looking for him...
  5. Heya Robert ya man- been on tour and moved to Dallas (long story) It's funny being like Morrissey- probably the pompador think i'll shave it off and fast for a few years good 2beBackk cuOnThEOther-side
  6. Hi After my Stereo Jag got stolen I bought a Fender Baritone that looked like that: I tryed to make it into a jag but after taking all into consideration I just made it a stereo: I added one toggle up where the Jag and Jazz has 'rhytme circuit'. Next to it I added mini toggle (black) for coil tap for the new pick up. There are also two new volume/tone knobs for the second channel. everything works great BUT I havet the two channels mixed up together; Did anybody here ever rewire a stereo guitar? I have two outs and the problem is that there is no seperation between them. That means I can only use a pick up for a channel at a time. I need to have the two toggles to operate seperately one from the other. I'll try any idea because the solution is out there
  7. best Amp for the Jag is Marshall blues breaker. play with it once and you'll never look back I use deville 212 live and I love it...
  8. just note that the baritone is harder, and not as comfortable as the Jag! I like that in my woman, and you should try it first to see if it suit your playing style. happy to inspire...
  9. YES!! you're on to me i did it and it works great! best thing about it: you're guitar stays the same even though you put a stereo jack, MONO STILL WORKS THE SAME! that exactly what i did with my Jag earlier this year. The Jag and Jazz are perfect for for this setteing. I'm sure some of the guys here will get a headache from messing up the Jags, but if you use it right, you get DOUBLE JAG! you can hear how it works on our website, no bass - just neck pickup...
  10. hi robert.I use my own wiring. it a system we develope to use the Jag neck pickup for bass lines and bridge pick up for guitar. best way to explain it is that i'm using a 'lead' circut as guitar and 'rhytme' as bass. I'm not sure wether im gonna make it look just like Jag, probably gonna use my immagination and any suggestoin I get to innovate new switches location and appearence. 2 circuits. everything is an option right now. I'm really surprised with this guitar. all the japs jags i played had an flat uninteresting sound to my taste, far out and away from the 63 Jag I had. they looked the same-sound is way off to my opinion. i think the pick ups on them are not good at all. they feel cheesy too. this guitar has new pickups too but the hambackers kind of return some of that old sound i got used to. also it is big and robust and maintain the tune perfect, which ever tune I use, even better than that '63! I haven't gigged with it yet, but i can tell it will be great for live/ i don't know if it has rich enough sound for our next album. after the hopefully succesful opertaion i'm going down to LA to record a little with it and hear it's worth for real. don't have hi expectaion or anything, but i was anti-jap guy for all this years, now im living with one - and as the picture suggest, im quite happy with it... http://www.MothersAnger.com Jag and drums!
  11. thanks mate, i appriciate it poke and,ok, relax everyone just trying to get my life back im serious about this. my jag was stereo modified. i know the rewire part, need advice with parts and pick guard and better if somebody know a store somewhere in california or texas I can go to.
  12. I'm about to make an operation to the guitar I just bought it will be kind of sex change operation my wife, '63 jag, got stolen, and i can't afford a vintage or new... it's a black fender baritone special, which I try to consider a storng Jag. it's body just like Jag, so Im gonna drill some holes in the pick guard and rewire, to make my home made stero Jaguar system. any ideas or thoughts? what's the best way to make holes in the pick guard? I need to get the plate+pick up selector+volume controls can anybody sell or pin point to the right direction of where to get it? i never bought on-line before. im in San Francisco this week and Dallas in March.
  13. so, women showed up and... WHAT HAPPEND? how did it go?!
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