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  1. Absolutely! It's quite funny! Unfortunately my Mercury is at my parents' at the moment so will have to settle for a pic on its own...
  2. I do! Still have both. How about you? Still have the Mercury?
  3. From a few years back with my old band, bass player's girlfriend did the video to a song we had just done in the studio for her Uni Media project.
  4. Cheers, like you said they are staggeringly good. I've got BKPs in nearly all my guitars now: Jag - as above Strat - Trilogy Suite set LP - Rebel Yell set LP - Nailbomb/Mississippi Queen Jag-Stang - Miracle Man bridge They are all brilliant!
  5. I recently decided to get my Jag back to looking a bit more stock. A couple of years ago I stuck some P90s in it, and whilst they sounded amazing, especially in series, part of me wanted to go back to that true single coil sound. Obviously the CIJ pups suck balls and I didn't like the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder too much when I tried that, so I contacted Bareknuckle and got Tim to rewind my CIJ pups to my chosen spec. I still wanted a really big fat bridge pup that could handle heavy distortion well so I went for a Sinner wind. Bring on the BRUTALZ!!! I wanted something more vintage sounding for the neck and so I asked for a Mother's Milk wind and my god I could not be happier. The bridge has plenty of bass and sounds big and fat whilst still retaining that true single coil sound. The neck is just pure awesomeness, so articulate, very mellow. I got a new CIJ guard off the bay and at the same time, I wanted to get a 3-way selector switch in there as I've never got on with switching pups on the fly with the stock ones. The remaining slider switch by the 3-way puts the pickups in or out of phase. Anyway, without further ado here are some before and after pics...: Before: Random headstock shot: Parts: After:
  6. +1 and please tell us about what all the switches do!
  7. Yeah, that's the exception to the rule There is a small overlap during the period of changeover in '97 when they put CIJ on V serials.
  8. It's a mistake on the Fender site. I can't find the page right now but there was an accurate version on a Japanese website. Anyway, what you will find is that it should say CIJ, Q + 0 + 5 digits = 2002-4 which is what you have. EDIT: here's the link http://kenji-cij.blogspot.com/2009/06/fender-japan-serial-numbers.html
  9. That's not true. CIJ started in 1997 so the majority of the original run were CIJ.
  10. From their website: http://www.hiscoxcases.com/overseas_stockists/usa_hiscox.htm
  11. Hiscox do a Jaguar case and will do you a lefty one if you give them a ring (at least they did me). Don't know how much they would run nowadays.
  12. If you want to go all the way into metal territory then the Rockerverb series are your best bet. I personally like the RV50 best. The RV50 and 100 both have an extra gain stage than the Rocker 30. The AD series will do classic rock beautifully but won't get you into higher gain territory. The Rockerverbs are the most versatile of the Orange amps imo. I had an RV50 up until last week and regretfully had to get rid of it but without question my favourite amp ever.
  13. Yep, a momentary switch for loop tap tempo
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