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  1. Thought id give you guys a shot of the updated rig since I got my tele. =)
  2. Well i was looking in that route again and I ended up back here. Forgot about this place. : Does anyone know anything more on these? http://www.vintagevibeguitars.com/windo ... 90Win.html They seem pretty perfect for what I want. More output and a bit more warmth. Still trying to find out if its worth going for a JB Jr in the bridge, or if that would still be too bitey. Maybe a little '59. If so, I might just decrease the value of the pots, but I deffinately am looking into a pickup change. Yes I probably made 300 of these about a year ago but I can't remember what any of you said and I was still funding the rest of my rig.
  3. I'm pretty sure I didn't. I wouldn't ask if I wasn't planning on getting this stuff. I don't generate money, they aren't going to appear instantly. Ah okay, I was more going for the plain old pi anyway. I'll probably go for the NYC one if that's the case.
  4. Okay.. I'm new to the effects thing, of course i'm going to ask questions. It is a guitar forum... I don't ignore people's advice. Some things I just dont have the money or the ability to do, or I just don't think it would work for me. I'm not really arsed if you think i'm irritating . I never asked which i'd prefer just what the sound is like in comparisson to each other.
  5. Ah okay. And don't cry. They don't stock muffs near me (Or they do and they're just sick of me trying stuff out and not buying.) Edit: AC adaptors or the 3.5mm jack things? I can't find any info... or where to buy em...
  6. Sounds like too much work for my delicate hands. I'll just by adaptors. What daisy chain should I get. Would this thing fit things like small clone, big muffs, digitech pedals, the echohead? Or will I need adaptors or a totally different chain? http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?Tab ... 10&doy=3m6 I'm not sure about the Ac Dc tip thing. Also, which muff? Sovtek/NY? Are they different soundwise? Or is it just a quality thing, like quality of sound. Which has a more creamy sort of sustain? Edit: The sovtek one needs 9v batteries right? Can I just get one of the adaptor things..?
  7. I've always really loved the silly curvy nameless sixties guitars. Y'know, with the big light switches and stuff on them.. And I saw Brian Molko playing one on a video. And I basically went 'HOMGIWANTTHATGUITAR' . It's just the mother of all silly sixties guitars, but minus the big light switches. It makes me cry that i've got a ding in the bottom from another guitar headstock.
  8. More info on what you play and want to have with a guitar? I'd go for a jagmaster. But that's me.
  9. Well, I was talking specifically about the peavey. I'm assuming here that you wouldn't reccomend a crap sounding amp.
  10. Yes but it's like I said before. I probably will find one sound I like and never bother changing the amp model/fx again, not talking about the EQ. So what's the point, when I could probably just buy an actual all tube that would sound better anyway? I know i'm awkward, i'm a teenager.
  11. Exactly. I don't really want to be spending 3 hours getting a sound I like then never twisting any of the knobs ever again. I heard they're also pretty bad for handling standalone effects pedals, stomp boxes etc. because of the circuitry used in the valvetronix.
  12. I used to use 12s. Just switched to 10-52 hybrids because i need alittle more flexability.
  13. I added a bit of relief on my neck. I dont have a capo so I just barred the fret with my fingers. Would that work? It's 1mm now. It's a bit better now. Still alittle buzz but ill blame that on my string gauge. It's nothing that I can't live with.
  14. Yeah i've read it but I can't make sense of it. I turned it left because of the explanation about it choking off strings. But now I realised it was talking about the lower frets. When its the higher frets that i'm having problems with? Shall I try right?
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