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  1. I'm not trying to shoot you down or anything, but I too have (well,..helped) made a body out of basswood and that wood is softer than any other wood that we worked with. It doesn't simply dent easily. It's too soft, in my opinion. It's used mainly due to it's low cost. You are right about the paint used in the mid-90's though. Somethin' went really wrong with that stuff. They caked it on too. The combination of the basswood and that paint, both, is the reason I believe you see sooo many Mustangs and Jag-Stangs with not just scratches, but major cracks, dings, and dents.
  2. That is exactly why I can't stand the newer ones. With the old ones, you can hold 'em and play at the same time without it messing with the pitch or falling out of the tremolo. That isn't necessary. None taken. I imagine you posted that link to help your brothers and sisters save some money, which is cool.
  3. I don't know how closely the two woods are related taxonomically, but they aren't the same at all. Poplar is a much denser wood. You can literally leave fingerprints in basswood. Some people swear by it, but I say it's sh*t. This is just one of the many reasons that the '65 is priced higher. Save up the extra money and buy one. If you buy the '69 reissue and end up getting to play someone else's '65, you'll want to kick yourself in the arsk.
  4. Terrapin guitars. I supplied them with the template (actually the pickguard to make it) for an AV '65 because all he (John) had was a template for the reissues. He does good work and is reasonably priced. Try Augustus first though. If he does it for you, he'll probably charge you even less and post pics, which is cool. As far as 'modding' your guitar, Leo would say do with it whatever makes you happy. Most of his work that he did with MusicMan involved "mods". Besides, toilet paper is worth more than public opinion.
  5. That's a 70's style repro. They're about a dime a dozen and, imo, they're crap compared to the vintage style in both appearence and playability (my hand just slips way too often using the one without the bend). Oh yeah, .......and they aren't vintage correct and that seams to mean a lot to people.
  6. I only sold two at $50 each and even though the buyer was stoked when he saw them, I have lowered the price as much as I could afford too. They are now $30........ link If you own a '60's model or reissue, order one and make us both happy!
  7. The '69 reissues can't hold a candle to the '65's. The 69's are made of basswood (they might as well have used pine), have a 1.54" nut width (like the old 22.5" scale models), the worst pickups you've ever heard, the colors are off, and they just feel really cheap. The 65's are made of poplar (good wood, used on Mustangs of this period), are 1.625" at the nut, the stock pickups actually sound decent, they've got the "vintage correct" colors, and they just feel really good (like a '65). - Jason
  8. Thanks. I'll pass it on to my cousin too. Not that he'll give a sh*t (used to working on much more elaborate type things). As far as the price goes.......there's cost (my cousin, arm tips, shipping, ebay, paypal, drive time) involved and I figured it to be more than a fair one. Anyway, thanks for the compliment.
  9. No, the ones on a strat are too long and slinky. Try the hardware store. Take the other one with you.
  10. I'm kinda disappointed. I paid a fabricator (my cousin) to make about 30 of these tremolo arms in hopes of both supplying a demand that there has never been a supply for and making a little extra cash, and only two have sold. These aren't simply 70's style arms that are scratched all to hell as a result of being bent by little johnny with a pair of pliers and his daddy's bench mounted vice. They are professional quality repros that I worked hard to have made, both for myself and other Mustang lovers wanting a vintage correct arm. Anyway, this may get removed, but I don't get the impression
  11. Which 4 wire stack sounds the most like Gibson Humbuckers ?? I'm wanting to avoid routing. Thanks.
  12. I'm talking about one of the '65 jap reissues that are being sold here in the US and an original '65. Is the '65 reissue an exact replica of the original in terms of everything (the body, the neck, the nutwidth, the colors used for and placement of the logo, screws and their placement, tremolo, size of the tremolo bar,etc.) In other words, can anyone here tell the difference from a frontal view of the guitar that it is not an American '65?
  13. What are they? Without seeing the "crafted in japan" stamp on the back of the neck or taking the guitar apart, how would you know the difference between an original and a reissue?
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