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  1. i've finaly potted the pickups on my cij jaguar (thanks to all the great threads on it, on this forum) and now want to further mod the guitar by changing out the pickup selector control plate from the typical 3 on/off switches to the one with a toggle and one switch on it, like the kc jag. does anyone have an idea where i can find it? i checked ebay and allparts but to no avail. any suggestions?
  2. so i already have a mustang with a mini humbucker in it and i'm hopefully going to be picking up a competition reissue. i want to put real humbuckers in the guitar as i despise the lil 59 in my 72 stang (came in the guitar but i have the originals). does anyone have routing templates for a dual humbucker mustang. i'm thinking dimarzio super distortion and paf pro but i might use a jb for once. anyone have any links that would have some advice on routing for this
  3. are the pickups the same as the 69 RI? i played one of those a while back and was definitely not impressed. curious as well if anyone has played one yet or if they've been spotted anywhere yet. i must say i'd love one in white though not that piss stained yellow. acx
  4. i took the last week to refinish the headstock on my strat. well i thought it would be cool to make it have a matching headstock and destroyed the logo. now i'm clueless on where to find a replacement, any ideas, and how i would put one on? thanks acx
  5. i have an ibanez with a floyd with 2 new f spaced dimarzio paf pro's in it and they both line up fine. from what my music store told me, they will still work if they aren't lined up but there is a significant loss in definition and tone if you're going to use high gain amps/distortion pedals.
  6. does anyone know if someone who would trade a squier vista series super sonic or venus for a fender cyclone. on top of this would this actually be a good trade or can anyone give me any comparison. i don't like the weight on the cyclone or the high mids that it's got, i have a vox amp which really doesn't have any mid controls so i'm just thinking of getting something else and love the fender oddities. any opinions or pit falls to watch for. thanks
  7. i have a 96 jag stang and am curious of what the output level or the resistance is for the humbucker in it. i have a few guitars in my rig and want them all to have similar output levels so there isn't a big volume drop. sadly my ibanez does have this ridiculous volume drop and want to match a new pickup for it by the output of my jag stang or cyclone. does anyone know the resistance on the humbucker or the output level?
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