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  1. Total fake haha, Jag-Stangs are not impossible to find at all there are 7 complete on Ebay right now and two bodies that need a neck theyre like $500-$700
  2. Such a killer amp! I really wanna get my hands on a blackface but I don't have any space right now
  3. Thats so rock n roll I can't handle it sweet find man!!
  4. That's a whole lotta chedda for a MIM Fender, not to mention the headstock looks really small and wrong plus some other things oh well welcome to capitalist society haha
  5. I've got mine, doing my own relicing though Still though pretty neat for those who want one, I know mines a great guitar and I use it all the time with my band I guess maybe if I had the money and didn't already own one I might consider it.
  6. I'd say try to find a used Russian Big Muff, maybe if you wanna save a little cash the MJM London Fuzz is a great fuzz face clone
  7. Depends on the model but I agree to an extent the Orange tone is like that of hot rodded Marshalls but without all the draw backs, however some of the models can do a heavier tone than the old SLP or JMP could do either way for me they are perfection.
  8. Save for an Orange, because only an Orange will ever be an Orange, and only an orange is good enough
  9. Right now for my band the rig has greatly decreased in size since I'm goin for a straight forward garage tone. Fender Jaguar---> Fulltone 70 Fuzz----->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe with a Celestion Vintage 30 However I didn't get to bring my Orange Rockerverb 50 to school with me so now that I'm home the Hot Rod Deluxe is gonna get passed down to our rhythm guitarist who doesn't have an amp of his own yet and I'll be using an Orange like I should and all will be right in the universe!
  10. Thats right only 643 shipped and 53% of them are logged on My link that means theres a whole nother 301 burst's somewhere around the world! Or destroyed sadly. What I find funny is when you realize that there are more 1959 Les Paul's logged then there are 1958 or 1960 which technically would make them more rare!
  11. 70's and 80's are good, don't listen to the Norlin haters out there I'd say they are still damn fine guitars! The early 90's had some beautiful looking les pauls as well. Nothing beats 1959 though or so the story goes
  12. I love how the description says "it appears entirely original" Such a sad lose of a Duo
  13. Oh man those things are amazing! Play so well and the parlor sized acoustics just kick ass in general!
  14. Not jst page and clapton but Hendrix had one too! Apparently his dad bought it for him
  15. So a friend gave me one of these things for free because he got a new better compressor for his home studio rack. But now what I am wondering is can I set this up to work just a normal Compressor/Gate just with the amp or is it for some kind of studio rack. I don't know much in the way of rack gear as I've never owned any myself and don't have any kinda home studio beyond my protools and SM57's. So I figure some of you guys on here now way more then I do in this area. So how do I use this compressor/Gate and set it up for the best use!
  16. as an American I want a gun shaped guitar and this beauty!
  17. Well obviously we can't see the point of it, we're not American. Americans LOVE guns. HELL YES WE DO
  18. ' Yea and it looks like its setup like a tele too!
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