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  1. Looks like a low end copy with a Fender decal. Jag-stangs aren't hard to come across at all. The prices fluctuate a lot so just hold out for a good deal.
  2. Strum near the bridge (the bridge itself, not the bridge pickup) then strum near the neck pickup and hear the difference. That'll give you an idea of the different 'input' the pickup is dealing with. Bridge pickups tend to have a higher outout in order to compensate for the lower volue from the strings vibration near the bridge. They also compensate for the lack of bass. If you put a 'bridge' pickup in the middle or neck, it will obviously compensate in the same manner as before, but the input will be louder and bassier than it would have been at the bridge. So the output and amount of bass will be larger than you would get with a pickup 'voiced' for the mid position. You can deal with that somewhat by having the pickup quite low (will help a little with the bass and quite a lot with the volume) but you might find that it doesn't balance too well with the other pickups in the guitar. There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying it, but don't go buying a new bridge pickup to try it with because you'll lose money selling it if you don't like it.
  3. The recent fee changes have been harsh. There have been small reductions in the cost of listing items, but large increases in the fees they take when your item sells. Paypal fees are high and ebay are pushing paypal as much as possible. They even attempted to make the Australian ebay 'paypal only' but the monopoly commission stopped them. Two of the worst changes are that sellers can no longer leave buyers negative feedback, and the funds only clear through paypal once the buyer gives positive feedback. I'm not certain the details on the Australia story, but it is happening and there is quite a backlash over it. I can completely understand people being against using it and I fully expect there to be some serious competition to it by the end of the year. A year or two ago the cost of setting up a competing site was just too high, but with the amount of people boycotting ebay and the unrest with their policies, a more ethical site would get a lot of business if it could prove itself quickly.
  4. The value took a dive recently. The initial rush meant that when new ones were
  5. You wouldn't need to be very lucky at all Ebay link Ebay link2 Ebay link 3
  6. They're not that expensive in England. I'm not a big fan of them, but if you get one for
  7. You didn't say any of that in the original post. You said it was better because it was true bypass.
  8. When you say it's better because it's true bypass, what are you expecting to happen with the DT10? There's an awful lot of mojo talked about true bypass and absolutely nothing wrong with the DT10.
  9. I assume you've never owned one? That statement is far from the truth.
  10. Do you want to use the amp for cleans and distortion? Or do you prefer to use pedals.
  11. You need to be quite specific. Number of channels Good clean, good dirt or both Reverb Seperate EQ for channels Mid control with the EQ (same are just treble and bass) Wattage (approximately) Head and cab, or combo There are a lot of things that you need to consider. Answer each of those and you'll be most of your way there.
  12. You're best off posting places like this. At the very least you'll be familiar with some of the regular posters and can get a bit of context from their opinion from that. You'll also have a bit of an idea of how long they've been playing and how good their other gear is. Harmony central has a lot of reviews like this "I've owned the original Gibson Les Paul (the one they actually made for the man himself) and a 1934 strat. I play through Jimi's amp and this squier beginner pack is better than them all. If it were stolen I would hunt the theif down and kill them!! It's also built like a tank because I think I saw some metal on it somewhere." and then 10's all round. The main problem is people post as soon as they get new gear and are still in the 'honeymoon' period. Ask a married man how attractive his wife is when they're in the car from the wedding chapel to the airport and you'll get an awfully different response to if you ask him when they're both 45 and she's told him he's not allowed to go to the pub because he has to paint the fence. You'll also hear a lot of talk about squiers being a mixed bag and every review will tell you that they played 400 of them in the shop, and they picked out the only good one and it's better than an American fender. Most of that comes down to the setup of the guitar. These things are generally quite consistent, especially when they haven't been played very much. Really all I'm saying is take reviews from people you don't know with a pinch of salt. Read a few for things you have tried yourself and see how they match up to your own opinions, and get ready to spot the cliches. On a similar note, most reviews from guitar magazines are quite useless. They frequently review products that they advertise. I don't think boss would be sending them very much money to print a bad review of a pedal when 4 pages ago was a two page advert for the same product. Try and put it into context, and be especially beware of the honeymoon period.
  13. Surely the classic 30 is out of his price range? You've got the amp now so it doesn't really matter, but never trust the reviews on harmony central for anything. The numbers simply don't mean a thing. Read a few by all means, you might even find out some things you didn't know about it before, but never take the scores to be an accurate guide to quality.
  14. Fran, Reece had a shredmaster with him this weekend. We tried it through a few things and it was quite reasonable, pretty versatile but nowhere near worth the inflated Greenwood mojo price. Did you have a go on it? The DS1 just isn't a very good pedal. I think really you just need something that has more balls in the low end and decent range on the tone knob. One thing I noticed from the first few posts, you guys seem to be differentiating a bit too much between distortion, overdrive and what-have-you. I tend to think of them just as 'dirt' pedals because it covers the lot. There are plenty of pedals that give good overdrive tones at lower gain settings, and good distortion tones when you boost the gain a little. Have you tried any pedals other than the DS1? in terms of versatile distortion, it's hard to beat a Rat. Don't be swayed by all the vintage mojo, just look for a Rat2 and if it's still too fizzy do the ruetz mod.
  15. The only answer to this is to play lots of squiers. Also, play other brands in the same price range. Don't limit yourself to fender copies. If a super strat is the best guitar for $200, its the best guitar for $200. Obviously you want to be comfortable with it, but play all you can and go from there. The most important thing is to get a guitar you like enough to play a lot. Everything else will fall into place from there.
  16. It WILL be better. All that early 'Matsumoku Factory' made Jap stuff and Tokai made Gibson USA #### themselves. Thats why they developed the far eastern 'Epiphone' (a borrowed name btw) guitars to compete. Truth is, that old Ibanez stuff is as good if not better than Gibsons finest. Epiphone is pure trash by comparison. Hang on to it dude, jesus, that is the oldest Ibanez logo as far as i know. You just got your retirement fund. That looks bolt-on to me. I'd say it's worth about
  17. Ta. Here's the back of it I love the ultra-fuzz. You can pick them up for as little as
  18. One day I'll sell my es175 copy and buy a real es-165. It's realistic but a year or two down the line. Other than that my only setup changes are on the pedal board. There are about 4 or 5 pedals I'm looking at picking up in the next year or so but I'm in no rush as they aren't going to be cheap. Some sort of pitchshifter, a nice trem, maybe an octave pedal of some sort. I defintely want to get at least one or two dwarfcraft devices too, but it's hard to pick which ones. Shiva?
  19. That's what I'm rocking at the moment. Guitar 70s Japanese ES-175 copy Pedals Diago board Diago power suppply Korg DT-10 TRex Replica delay Booster TRex Mudhoney boost/distortion Zoom Ultra Fuzz Amp '64 Bassman Torres 2x10 cab with a vintage 30 and a greenback This time next week I'll have a couple of new pedals and will sell some soon (ones that aren't on the board), and in a couple of months I'll have a custom built solid body This by far the best setup I've ever had.
  20. The state of the art metal ends are absolutely standard for XLR and nothing special at all. If anything it looks like a very cheap low quality XLR cable. This mic actually looks like a pile of crap. Avoid. Almost all mics will come with a case and clip. An xlr cable isnt anything special when its a 2.99 job.
  21. That is an XLR cable. It's the standard for microphones. You can get XLR > Jack adaptors that will allow you to plug one into your pc. You can also get XLR to jack cables that will allow it without the adaptor, though you lose some of the benefit of the cable. I have no idea if that is a good mic. I've never heard of the company and it's my guess that it's just a very low end sm58 copy that wont sound very good.
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