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  1. oh no, not again... just try a mustang 65 reissue and a jagstang, you should feel the difference..
  2. are you kidding? shortscale.org knows #### (theres even a stupid guy called mike who claims jagstang has the same neck as mustang, and he even didnt owned a jagstang, jeezzz), a gut from offsetguitars bought it, i almoast got it but was late, than i later contacted him and he said maybe he would sell it to me, cause he has to sell his another mustang (which is his girlfriends favourite guitar) for keeping this red one and later that day he realises it is the sonic youth mustang, ohhh welll anyway i am glad many of you feel the same about shortscale.org, really strange forum, i like the offse
  3. a little bit, the sonic one is my preffered guitar so i think the tort will go on it.
  4. yes but even a dead rat in an old bath can look beautifull in a weird way i just cant help myself but i love the red tort on sonic blue
  5. hello, i am a member for a few years now, but i dont correspond that much. now i need your help, cause the guys from shortscales are d**kheads and for some reason the hate jag-stangs. i guess you people are the best to help me. i have a terrible decission to make. i bought a nice red tort guard from a offsets forum member, but i happened to have 2 jag-stangs (red 96 original, blue 03 reissue with upgraded pickups) and i cant decide which one will get the tort. first i was decided for the sonic blue/red tort lovely combo, but than i thought, what about a roseland jag-stang? (for those newbs t
  6. you probably havent been watching for it, because there is a red tort one on ebay for lets say a year or more... but it is for 50usd, that i find too expensive
  7. i actualy prefer the second girl, she is also blond but pretty much hotter. anytime i see her my jagstangs neck somehow turns up
  8. i thought you were speaking for red tort.... well, i have seen many surf green jaguars so i can say, that red tort goes great with it
  9. depends on the actual colour, i have seen many wariations of sonic blue
  10. anyone bored with his own red tort pickguard? for a jagstang or mustang (i will cut it for jagstangs HB), i need one for my new sonic blue. and the one on ebay is crazy expensive. 2 days there went a mustang one for only 20 usd and i wasnt online, grrrrr. thanks for offers
  11. do you still make them? for how much? they are on ebay for 50usd which is fugly
  12. whats up with mumblzjoe and this guitar? i sent him a PM a few months back i wanted to buy it from him, cause he wasnt satisfied with it, but he didnt replied...
  13. anyone tried to contact him? i wrote him i want that jagstang a week ago and still no reply. he probably sold it or he cant use email
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