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  1. you guys are weird. this guitar is cool
  2. mustang would not fit, either find someone to make one off old pg's size etc or something
  3. I know you guys probably have'nt had heard anything about BOSS's ME-20. If you guys know anything about it(+/-) please tell me. As for now I haven't heard it/played it/ heard much bout it. my music stores won't bring it in w/o a deposit(damn GC) any input is much appreciated
  4. far from ripped off i believe not the deal of the century, but it sounds like it is fine. It play fine(frets electronics, switches and knobs)?
  5. used or what? condition etc but as long as you feel you got a deal that all that matters, heh. but as far as mustangs go at store price that is a deal I supose
  6. well, I am sure slow can mean lotsa things, but imo my mustang's neck was sticky as hell(I think the finish or something) that went away w/ time mind you
  7. It's beautiful I love white guitars.
  8. hmm, I will look at the G2, but I would probably go for the version w/ the wah, because that is also something I would want to get. thanks for the input
  9. I am getting tired of the two pedals i got, I was thinkin about getting a nice cheap multi floor effect thinkin either the BOSS ME-20 or the Line 6 Floor POD (both at a comfortable $199) I have yet to test either, but I was hoping anyone could give me some advice of any other $200 range multi effects(mostly lookin for modulation and delay/echo options). and if the amp models are worth it any input is greatly appreciated
  10. I've had that kinda stuff happen to, one day it kinda just went away though. I think if it were an issue w/ cables other effect pedals would be affected. but then again, I am not really a tech guy...
  11. well, from my experience, the russian big muff is kinda hit or miss with some amps. It works fine w/ my HRDx(1x12) but it don't make a sound w/ my friend's HRDx. If it don't fix w/ a change of batteries, then consider warranty or trade in w/ place you bought it.
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