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  1. I am getting tired of the two pedals i got, I was thinkin about getting a nice cheap multi floor effect thinkin either the BOSS ME-20 or the Line 6 Floor POD (both at a comfortable $199)

    I have yet to test either, but I was hoping anyone could give me some advice of any other $200 range multi effects(mostly lookin for modulation and delay/echo options). and if the amp models are worth it

    any input is greatly appreciated

  2. I love the cyclone.

    I really don't see the problem w/ the swimming pool, it don't make much diff(i think) and if you wanted you could change p/u setup diff (HH, SSS, whatever) w/o routing

    definitely discontinued for the lack of icon, and Fender suppliers inability to put out anything other than a strat or a tele

    Are guitar buyers really so conservative that they don't want anything different? Or are the retailers just unwilling to get alternative models in? Who knows...

    its both, but I think it would be something like this

    beginners will wanna get a guitar they see played(strat or tele mostly) > they go out and buy one of those > the stores don't sell the other guitars as well > the stores don't stock em

  3. basically i want it to be a rock guitar...i want no phase switches, one HB bridge position (possible coil tap) not sure i even want the tremolo bridge i would probably lock it down anyhow...(i know, it's basically a Cyclone) i do want the



    I was originally thinkin bout doin that to the mustang just got a cyclone

    glad I didn't screw up a mustang in the end

    consider that I suppose

  4. okay, if you were to set up a wireless system for guitar with effects, would you:

    1)put the reciever on the floor next to effects so less cable to get to effects

    2)put reciever on amp(behind you) to get better range despite extra cable needed to reach effects

    3)put the effects on effect loop and reciever on amp

    just curious what would be the best situation, cause my friend was askin me for help bout it.


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