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  1. I was looking at that. The Reverbrocket from Ampeg, has anyone played it here?
  2. ADD: Also, Should I bite the bullet and go for the deville? and should my friend just get the 212 valveking? Or do you think 1x12 is fine?
  3. well For my mustang, I have noticed that with my mustang there is a sharp difference between 9 and 10. But I don't play there to begin with so it is all cool. Also, I can't find info on this Fender Prosonic(I only saw an ebay bid to show me what it was), is it discontinued? I am interested in it as an option now.
  4. Clean is not all that important... I mean clean is good, but I love the natural tube drive more, and I will probably end up putting a distortion pedal(Line 6 DM4 or something) in front of it. So it will not matter that much...I just enjoy the clean for mostly messing around and songwriting, etc....
  5. how is smashed in, are there pics...other than that I have no possible solutions at this point. tweezers
  6. Hey, My friends and I are trying to make a band... and I need a bigger amp. I(Mustang) was planning on getting a Hot Rod Deluxe(40Wtube1x12), cause that clean is just brilliant, and my fellow guitarist(Tele) is planning on the Peavey ValveKing 112(50Wtube1x12). We play rock (crossing between Blues'y to Grunge to Metal(leads) and almost everything in between) and my friend is the lead. Would these amps suffice for unmic'd playing in normal situations? Also, are there any negative comments(or good) about these amps, or would suggest another amp in the same range? thanks.
  7. One more quick question about any problems that may come if I do this Instead of leveling each fret to an equal distance from the board, is it possible to taper the treble side of the frets so it goes like this... --------------- ----------_______ ======== =========== ======= ========= ===== ======= regular possible? of course that is a crude interpretation, but it is the general idea
  8. wow 50... all my local stores said 100 minimum... hmm I blame inflation. Well thanks for the advice people.
  9. paint is fine, And after thinkin about it, the color IS nice. I originally wanted to paint it Olympic White, or some other white, cause I really like white guitars. Well the real problem(after cleaning the pots and resoldering bad joints) is the frets, they are pretty bad, where anything on the 2nd and 3rd string sounds dead, and at the 12th, they don't even play. how do I re-level it, do I use emery cloth to level it...refreting is out of question, cause of price. here is the whole thing pre-taken apart it is more of a metallic red than CAR i think
  10. Yes, been a while since I have posted. But I have been wondering about my broken Fender strat(Standard Strat #MN1022655). I completely took it apart. found a couple of interesting things should it say Squier? cleaned em up a bit, but I think I need to really get in there to get rid of the crackling. Everything looks right I guess... Here is probably the source of my problems. These input jack solder pieces are not solder in... Yep, gonna try to resolder those things, but does anyone see anything I should fix?And about that Squier thing, I called fender and they said that at that time, they did that a lot... should I repaint the guitar?
  11. wow... looks like it is... lucky I got the mustang instead of the cyclone just in time.
  12. nvm they are down...hmm well if you want to try to contact on AIM, but at this point you have probably already bought the mustang, eh.
  13. actually, nvm search "the pillows" on Yahoo Video. it should be the Master Hybrid Rainbow in one week Yoshiaki Manabe. It is there.
  14. Well most of them, not so much. What proves his skill is NAKED SHUFFLE, bye bye my sweet pain, and THE KILLING FIELD. now those are complicated
  15. User Name: jcyphe must be our jcyphe... anyways, I have a better, non-flash version if you want Dolator... ya, that is kinda my guy... in my pic...yep... AIM-SawaotheBuster if you want it, cause no real other way for me to give it to you, about 44 MB in AVI ADD:Hey, Dolator, in that clip he uses like 2 distortion pedals(big muff and RAT) and a blues driver; and another BIG MUFF on top of that for the solo I believe. Since you want to know about the sound.. just letten ya know.
  16. Val-tone, that is pretty cool. hey Cowbell, what kinda locking straps are those?
  17. how fun. all of em(except an acoustic) 1984-1987 Fender Strat Japan with a whammy thing on it(CAN'T TUNE IT... ) 2005 Fender RI mustang(nice...) 1991-1992 Fender Strat Mex with Buster-kun sticker (frets&electrics dieing ) Brandless, nameless bass from 1985ish(tuners jacked) ya it is a lot. The Bass and the Japan Strat are my uncle's, the strat was bought used(really used), and the RI is my jewel. all this goes through a Gorilla 50 watt Practice amp from 1985.
  18. is it off-white or white, cause the photos looked more pure white. which is what I am basing this entirely off of. Cause I would not know what off-white and mint look like.
  19. it was either brown tort or mint, so I chose mint cause it makes it look cool.
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