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  1. "bass guitar"...so this where it goes.. I have been dipping into bass recently, and basically only on short-scale. I was wondering if I should invest (if at all) in a bronco bass or bite the buck and get a mustang bass. If I were to get a bronco, I would upgrade...but a mustang would be pretty damn awesome. I've played a mustang bass once and it was great, but I have never tried a bronco bass...thing is, Bronco is some $410 cheaper... any advice?
  2. if you still wanna use the other switch positions, stick with the clear packing tape. Duct tape looks weird, and from a far it is hard to notice the clear tape
  3. So check the dan, eh... for $30 can't go wrong MXR micro, how does that sound? and what is that img?? earth...pedal....
  4. don't think I can get a Nobels so easily(me living in america and all) but it does sound nice.... do you think the eq would do a good job at boosting the signal? cause it would be nice to just get that for both eq and boost. otherwise I might just go for the EH nano boost.
  5. hey, I tried using my Blues Driver as a boost pedal(on Fender HDx) and I liked it. But I plan on using my blues driver a normal pedal. so... what is a good boost pedal, or pedal for boosting I was looking at BOSS GE-7 E-H LPB-1 any comments or recommendations on other pedals or directions to go in?
  6. really...well maybe my friends is jacked or something.... or could just be craptastic amp or something
  7. again...I retract my statement about useless...my fav. band lead has 3 of them... I jsut think as a flexible pedal, big muff is not that great. for that one sound it has, then sure it is cool. got it.
  8. oh sh@t... I thought it was p100 in bridge....DAMN IT....ignore that one vote for h100...or don't...I have no idea if p100 is the one I thinkin of.
  9. I could see pearloid working. Maybe one that doesn't have dark crinkles(?), cause you want the focus on the finish...I guess
  10. Well, maybe jsut me, but the russian(blk one) is pretty one dimensional. I can change pickups (single to hum) and sounds the same. Perhaps pointless goes to far, I jsut think it has limited range. There that is a much better description of what I mean.
  11. the black russian one is pretty freakin pointless imo. basically, I wouldn't have that be my only dist pedal and only use for weird ####
  12. so your goal color is like a dark brown....? are you seriously gonna stain with Goat's blood?? I want pics of final product if yes
  13. I would go p-100 and90 but that would basically be a special...wouldn't it be
  14. I mean like stats wise. Cause I'll admit I haven't touched my '69 mustang since I got my cyclone
  15. last one is nice(thinline plus p90= ), but the jagmaster, would you have the two singles on at same time?
  16. either the 2nd or 3rd. but this should be just your decision. I'd also try the look of block on 12(like sting's bass) with normal dots. or even just 2 dots on 12. I don't know, the standard is comfortable but something different can always be nice. the organization on 1 looks just too outta control at 15-17-19
  17. not really... Japan currency shift kinda kills any real deal you'd get (usually like $30-$50 off list price) but then again... I don't know Europe...but for the most part you just buy if you see something rare(which you do)
  18. you guys think replacing the knob switch of a Cyclone with a one of these two way switches http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Components:_Switches_and_knobs/Switchcraft_Slide_Switches.html? I mean both a general fit and mechanics of it.
  19. While you're there, visit 246 Guitars in Shibuya and イケベ楽器(ikebe gakki) or any other links off the site-branch of ikebe gakki. most are focused in Shibuya and are really cool(I like the Amp Station and Drum Station) Yeah, (like I have stated here before) GC and SamAsh look like crap on a stick in comparison to JP stores... They just don't like kids....which sucks for me....
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