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  1. I agree w/ bassintom If he really wanted to sell for more(purpose of ebay right?) he would sell it to "the Japanese" right?
  2. btw like I stated elsewhere, I ended getting a Carmel one(haven't checked date) but it is nice... I actually prefer over my mustang(although the mustang has the thinner neck), the playability and sound possiblities of the Cyclone(1) make it better imo. So I guess the Cyclone is my main now.
  3. thank you, I am very proud of it but not new pickguard. Standard one, I guess the older models(this one was waiting in some store a long ways away & it was new) And if you had been following my story, That red cyclone was sold 2 hours before I had ordered it. So I was lucky to get this one. I like how the brown pg kinda blends the black pu on the humbucker....
  4. Just got a Cyclone It is nice ADD:Dinosaur, your icon scares me......
  5. Yeah ever since I heard bout the whole discontinued thing(1st from here...) I was in a panic to get one(I originally wanted it, before I got my mustang) so I ordered a red one from some store in New York....now need to see if I can order a brown tort(or soemthing of that sort) pickguard from Aug, when I actually get it
  6. I feel that occasionally, that I coulda invested everything a little better...but can't change that #### so...
  7. can you guys seriously tell a difference between the woods??
  8. flip a coin... I'm sure whichever one you get you'll be happy
  9. I wish I had a teacher, but alas school and, well, being cheap... I have to learn theory on my own......which is not very easy...maybe I just don't have the right resources.
  10. Edwards are nice guitars. I've only tried my friend's SG yeah, nice quality
  11. nowadays Custom shops are guitars made by Custom Shop Guys. they just pedal out the same model after another of a same type(ie nothing Custom about it really)
  12. well. wat a wonderful way to enter the forum Quinn. and Gavin. I smell another Brandon....or COULD THIS BE BRANDO????
  13. Strange....I thought Gibsons were known for their quality...and IN the case... damn that is just bad luck... condolences. well since it has got the connecting joint there it should be painless to fix my advice. get a better case for that thing.
  14. well if you want strat covers on mustang pu's then it should work.
  15. you fool! the toothpaste will protect the tuners from the decaying affects of plaque!!!!
  16. yeah they do fit but, probably not visevera with the staggered pole pieces in all
  17. how heavy? I don't know....with the right distortion and lots of knob tweakin' you can get any sound with sc, IMO
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