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  1. heres what I do if I ever need aging... throw them outside and get em in about a week or so depending on your climate...prob with that is it may just super rust if you don't watch it...so I don't know...I've only done with plastic so you may not wanna try it( I have no idea what the moisture will do to the nickel so...) I just think that nature do a better job than any "relic'ing"
  2. I am with dinosaur...but do whatever... Black Tie's thingy looks nice LIFE, that bronco is very sexy, you should be very proud.
  3. thanks, I get it now but if anyone does have any suggestions on powered moniters that would be great, kinda don't wanna screw around with the whole ohms(don't wanna blow a transformer by doin something wrong) if I don't have to...
  4. shipping WILL be a bicth though....despite my lack of knowledge on AUS-USD conversion
  5. i think I got it, but that probably won't work with what I got head back of speaker cab
  6. thanks bob, but I have no idea what you just said about + and - stuff so... any suggestions for powered moniter?
  7. probably really stupid question if you gonna add a moniter to a PA that is already maxed on ohms how could that work? or how does the whole series or parrallel speakers work?? I am 90% in the dark here with the whole ohm-series-parrallel-RMS etc stuff so any advice is greatly welcome.
  8. or shoulder. It's just not necessary. even for rythem?? shoulder....never seen that
  9. get some cell/gum/strong tape and tape em down to the best position...I don't do it ca use I use all positions, but if you only use one it is an option
  10. we gotta start a count for how many times Aug saves the day.
  11. where he say that, that sounds like it was very funny post
  12. most likely, we insulted him or somethin'
  13. well Brando, now you'll need that job to pay for trip to Japan AND the lefty stang.
  14. not tryin to start anything man, I think vintage pu's sound amazing with dist(not like metal though, as I don't do that kinda stuff). so that is my opinion, k.
  15. I think you just contradicted yourself.... so I'm right, right...
  16. never played it, my guess is Channel 1 and Channel 2, cause it is a chorus pedal...
  17. well in this case it may be diff... cause that is what high gain before feedback is right? allows you to put on more volume before it feedbacks, thus optimizing the volume... one more question though, what is the advantage of XLR and 1/4 in mic quality, is one superior or somethign? Other that that I think I got a grip on whats going on, thanks
  18. dude if you just got it, play it first, don't let your first idea be to gut it. but yeah single sized hb would be best if your really want it
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