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  1. it doesn't have an EQ, but I get what your sayin So if I use that converter, it would change a XLR(circle with 3 prongs in it??) to a 1/4 to put it into a line input??
  2. jagstang....we need to have an intervention or something... your childish attitude is spoiling my day on several occasions... UNLESS of course you are just jokin around and acting like an ass
  3. I agree....mostly cause having learned guitar on my own I have no idea about this I ii.... etc stuff. when I hear other people(at my school) play their self composed songs, they do sound very bad... BUT that is mainly due to the lack of spirit in their playing, no accents on notes and basically running up and down a scale. Of course I am not trying to insult theory(i WANT to learn it but I don't want to pay money) its just that people take theory as a strict guideline for their playing. on the other hand a good friend of mine who played the piano all his life(jazz) applies his theory to the bass and he is great at it.... in conclusion...I really didn't say anything at all.
  4. the wise doog comes to the rescue, small super budget PA(like super cheap 80W) for practice only, for now one mic, in a garage or outside I just got it so I still need to see which is good setup for the space we got. But before I was using an old mixer and running a mic through that and it would give cycle feedback past a certain volume regardless of which way the speaker was facing....
  5. Hey, I've been looking around and I haven't been able to get a real stable answer to my question Does the quality of the mic or the head of the PA count more for lower feedback? and what is up with LO-z and HI-Z stuff? thanks
  6. Well okay, I'm guilty, I've never really played a solid state that loud.... I've spoiled myself rotten with cool stuff...I never got a "starter guitar"
  7. you don't have to worry bout a solid state, plus they lighter, and tube tone is very minutely different(on dist) So I just use Tube for cleans and junk but there is not that much of a dynamic difference for what I play. BUT, despite all that I still love tube.
  8. "Idiot proof guide to painting headstock" sorry but no such thing exists, them idiots are brilliant, believe me I know but yeah...everyone else should know what to do
  9. I coulda googled that couldn't I have..... thanks, I woulda thought shielding would be good
  10. Whatta know it did just what I wanted, thanks.
  11. Is that possible without having to buy new PU's, caused I noticed that my Strat has a better distorted sound with my same setup(guitar->BD-2->HRDx) and I gather it is due to the Strat's general Higher output(or maybe the fact the Strat's PU's are pretty old). So is there anyway I can increase it without a great deal of purchases?
  12. I could care less about what I put in, that is to worried about later, I want to know if I can pull of a nice basic blues tone with a back HB?
  13. "tongue-in-cheek" ???? it is like 4tr00 all over again for me....
  14. I don't think everyone uses pedalboards even if you evolve to it...
  15. I used to play only neck, but as of late I have been messing around with all of the pu options on the Mustang, but I end up having it at bridge so yeah.... About the sound I am looking for, I don't mean exactly the same sound as B.B. that was mainly an example of what I was getting into, but I am looking for a sound that will work for blues
  16. okay.... I WILL END IT HERE.... that guitar is cool lookin. now this topic shall go dead!
  17. while your at it lets change the serial number too
  18. I see...well I guess I'll just wait for another blues guitar later in life(as I will not play blues period) and I only play blues in my free time.
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