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  1. well I would be worried if you didn't....
  2. I've been hooked on the blues as of late(B.B. King, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, etc) so I've been wondering Can you still get that deep bluesy sound from a bridge humbucker as you would from a neck humbucker? Also would a bridge position hb be suitable for blues at all? the reason being is for my next guitar(don't know when I'll actually get it) I was planning for a Cyclone, but would that possibly work for a blues lead? any advice on the subject is appreciated
  3. well I'd like to not spend much money(-$100) on it as I will rarely if use it(clean for recording only, dist+wah for some solos) Yeah, the only stores nearby are GC and Samash, neither have a very flexible area for wah's(only dunlop variants) and they rarely, if ever, seem to work. yeah....
  4. that comp-stang always makes me feel all fuzzy inside.... anyways bandit, what is the total guitar count?
  5. this only brings me to re-ask where you get all that money...
  6. AMPEG reverberocket 212 superb cleans, nice drive, budget friendly(in comparison to the twin+marshall) BUT, If it is between those two. get the twin and some nice pedals, cause you can go from clean to dist/overdrive but you can't improve a bad clean no matter what you do
  7. eww...I've only seen the Bass Version of that (POLYSICS's Bassist) I don't know I just think it looks better as a bass...
  8. damn nuts, thats nice.... too bad I don't already have a cab or I'd score that.
  9. oh btw, is there like a set high-low range or can you adjust the sensitivity of the pedal?
  10. get some other people with instruments and gig if you have no odd jobs or #### like that. and if there are no gig places around, why you want another guitar?
  11. The movement in it activates it or something. I don't know... So Crybaby over VOX? or is it one of those, their both better than the rest situations?
  12. yeah. I was looking into wah pedals and I don't know what to get for a decent price and works well with dist.(don't plan on doing much clean on it) The only wah I've played is a Bad horsie(MORLEY) which was cool cause you didn't have to press a button to engage it. BUT, "I swear the MORLEY is not mine" seems to make me think there are better ones and this is a craptastic pedal...any advice for a pedal(Crybaby? VOX?) or comments on the MORLEY? thanks
  13. Go to that post with Ugliest guitar. you'll find some metal guitars
  14. Classic Guitars are cool. get some cheap one and just play for hours on end.
  15. well who knows, don't wanna confuse the headstock with the body....such horrors would result in that.
  16. more like a Cyclone/pointy strat....with a tom
  17. yeah that PG is pretty wild, I'd put that other one back on....
  18. Dude, I think V's are cool. not as somethign you ever bring on stage, but cool none the less.
  19. but they feel so good... and Aug makes stang PGs
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