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  1. I vote for 10-52,now i have 11 but is too heavier for me.10-52 rules for Jag-stang!!!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwKO4ptO ... ed&search=
  3. Nirvana (Very ape),Kurt with the Jag-stang. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n03_IjbWqtE
  4. this words were written by Kurt Cobain on his journals in 1993. http://img179.imageshack.us/img179/2606 ... fa1mw5.jpg a QUESTION ABOUT this picture,is the jag-stang reissue the first model of the all jag-stang series?
  5. _if you Jag-Stang is red fiesta colour : black pickup cover.(like me) _if you Jag-Stang is blue colour: white pickup cover.
  6. here you have a video with Kurt playing the Jag-Stang guitar: A greeting friends
  7. In February of 1993,right before In Utero was recorded,Cobain collaborated with Fender on the design of what later became know as Jag-Stang. Acording to Mark Wittenberg,who was director of artist relations for Fender until he died of a brain aneurysm on February 14,1995: "We were contacted and told that Kurt had an idea for a guitar.His favorite guitar was a Mustang,but there were things about the lines of the Jaguar that he really liked,too." Wittenberg and builder Larry Brooks met Cobain at his apartment in Hollywood,where they discussed his plans for a guitar that combined the aesthetics
  8. well,this is a draw of the differents positions of switchs that give me my luthier.
  9. Sure...without doubt, it is far better.Great sound!!! The pickups have been put of a form different from the scheme of the original circuit of Jag-stang,the reason is because the resistance of the two pickups (humbucker & single coil) are different and if had become done of the original form the sound had been very poor. Has been obtained selecting the switch position 7 sounds differents!!! (it remembers that in Jag-Stang original Stock single it arrives at 4 positions.) That`s all guys.
  10. _Neck: Fender Texas Special. _Bridge: Seymour Duncan JB.
  11. see it: http://www.youtube.com/results?search=j ... rch_videos
  12. the price in spain on 2003 was 495 euros.
  13. kurt cobain used fender texas special on the neck. i have on my jag-stang,seymour duncan JB on the bridge and fender texas especial on the neck.
  14. good I am going to give a confidence vote my luthier, if I notice that the strings that to me put new are bad will change to fender again.
  15. they have said to me that the strings to fender are of very bad quality that you know of this?
  16. Jag-stang (reissue `03), Crafted in Japan, Red fiesta. Modified pickups: Fender Texas Special (Neck),Seymour Duncan JB (Bridge). Q 039873
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