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  1. Although they were using tube amps. Any bands in particular who have a similar guitar sound to what you're after? i'm a big the who fan, so i'm trying to get that sound first. i believe townshend used a fuzz pedal from univox, but those aren't made anymore... guyatone pedals makes a copy of the univox fuzz called tz-2.its inexpensive and sounds cool too.they have sound samples on their site.i always thought townsend sound came from cranked marshalls and humbuckers.
  2. HCL? Now I know what acid it is.. Pretty strong. Not recommendable to dip the parts in the acid! you dont dip them in acid,you let them sit over the vapors for a period of time.ive seen this stuff in use for other non-guitar related stuff before and it powerful stuff.stinks bad too!!
  3. these edwards from what ive read are suppose to be excellant quality.the "SUPERREAL" name was used by the japanese company "greco" back it inthe early 80,s.
  4. its been generally decided that the MIJ jags are basswood unless its a sunburst which seem to be alder.
  5. thanks for the info guys.im definately gonna try the muratic acid method as sonn as spring hits and i can do it outside.if thats how fender does it,i guess i cant go wrong.again,thanks for the help!
  6. i have a strat style neck that is in need of some nickle kluson type tuners for an 70,s greco strat i have and was wondering if anybody had any experience aging or "relicing"nickel hardware.i cant see putting on shiny parts when the rest of the guitar has aged.this is strictly cosmetic ofcourse .any suggestions?
  7. not to be negative,but that is way to much for that guitar.you had a good chance at finding a used american jag for that price.that seller must have dollar signs in his eyes.
  8. probably nothing cause your such a punkass!!!
  9. ive never played thru one but have heard it before.it was pretty cool but the distortion IMO was not that great.being that its not made anymore its become a collectors item and ive seen them fetch quite abit on ebay.i would suggest the line 6 doctor distorto.im not usually one to suggest a line6 product but this pedal is pretty cool.it has infinite sustain and a cool feedback feature and you dont have to use the distortion if you dont want to.its a cool noise pedal.
  10. i never got high with kurt but i did share a cab with dave grohl once.
  11. ptp wiring's easy to repair too. simplicity bish bash bosh ptp?
  12. that is sweet!!!!!have you gotten a chance to crank it?if you dont mind me asking,where did you pick it up?
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