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  1. does any one know an online store in japan that sells the kurtified mustang in english.
  2. i got my jag stang last year from guitarjapan.com. i hated everything about it except the neck.but if you want the best out of your jag stang you have to modify it.i locked the tail piece and put a seymour duncan jb.it plays much better now.its worth your money.
  3. the price always changes somtimes they can go for 400$ or 500$.but lefties are worth a lot more they can go for around 650$.
  4. great pics.he seems comfourtable using his js.
  5. anyone know a web site where you can download a nirvana show with kurt using his js.
  6. i go my jag stang mint for 369$.seril number is q 086490
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