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  1. guitar center is ballsack...I remember asking if they could order me a jag when I was looking for one and the head sales guy said " A Jaguar eh I never heard of one are you sure fender has a jaguar?". At that moment I shot him in the face, put his body in my trunk, and then took him home and fed him to my wood chipper as I laughed and laughed and lost faith in all possibility that a god exists in the hearts of soulless guitar center.
  2. Is there any way to stop the buzz with out buying a mustang bridge or a buzz stop.,Im poor?If you have done the nail fileing method let me know how it worked out for you.
  3. jag necks are shorter than strats. I dont like playing strats I perfer Jags and I would get a Tele before I ever got a strat. And the mustang neck feels and is smaller than a jags.
  4. What year, Why, How much would you pay? Ive seen Jags with raised pole pieces in the pickups...how does it effect the sound does it make it hotter and what years have those pickups?(the 62' pickups I got from fender arent raised)
  5. I use the rythem tone on my jag its the warmest deep tone you can get from a guitar
  6. What do you guys think? I was thinking of buying one http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-72-Telecaster-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar?sku=511141 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-72-Telecaster-Custom-Electric-Guitar?sku=510475
  7. i want the 4 switch plate on my reg.jag the more options the better
  8. come on u'll never see it get the black and white instead of giving yourself a nose bleed
  9. they suck and he's using the jag in the worst way possible for crappy eurorock
  10. i have a fender deville 212 and I also like the twin reverb... but what amp do you guys perfer???
  11. http://www.allparts.com will have a mustang bridge
  12. i love frusciante's solo albums...ecspecially Niandra...and Usually Just a T-shirt...thats the reason why I bought a JAG.
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