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  1. I've noticed Basswood is ESPECIALLY inconsistant in heaviness. I've had two basswood guitars. A cheap Schecter and a Squier 51. The Schecter is about 10 pounds, the Squier about 5. (yes, I made sure the Schec actually WAS basswood... It weighs as much as a les paul for christ sake) I usually find that lighter guitars are better sounding/more resonant, but some people have the opposite experience. The Schecter sounds like ####, the Squier was actually ok. Heavier guage strings always make the guitar more resonant. I have to use huge guage strings to make that schecter resonant at all. Slade
  2. you know, yours doesn't really fit that bad to me... It's not as off as it should be, from the looks of that MIA vs. MIJ pic... Besides, over time the pickguards tend to shrink a little anyways... they're never perfect. Slade
  3. Yes. Marketting I don't trust the advertising department of a company to tell me what something is/isn't. I check it out for myself. After all, it's got MORE hardware than a typical guitar, the same scale length as fender's top of the line guitar (or what marketting called that), and I don't think anyone can prove it was made with any inferior materials to a Strat or Tele... After all, Kurt's Jagstang wasn't called a "student guitar" despite having almost everything in common with them. Why? That'd been bad marketting Pricing and the percieved value a consumer places on the guitars. Take a marketting class Slade
  4. Already for sale in a few japanese places, so I'm almost sure it comes from there. Anyways, the US Jaguar isn't quite perfect... no matching stock Slade
  5. I really want that to be gold hardware... is it? or just the reflection lookin' good Slade
  6. uhh... from what I can tell, the only difference is that you can get the MG69-77 in blue or orange (with the wrong color comp stripe ), where you can get the MG73 in really awful looking aged red or blue (this time the blue one has the wrong stripe). MG69 has no stripe because from the name it is supposed to be a reissue of the 69 Mustang, which didn't necessarily have stripes. Cause if you wanted stripes, you would get the 69-77 (even though I'm pretty sure by 77 no Mustangs had stripes?) I don't think Fender Japan really knows what's going on with their model names. Mine is a JG66, and has more in common with a 62 than a 66... no binding, dot inlays. As far as I know all the basswood Japanese Mustangs ought to be of the same quality, it probably just has to do with trivial things like matching headstocks, paintjobs, and comparative rarity between the models, and depending on where this guy gets his guitars... Maybe they charge more to "age" that finish. Also that 65 reissue has a poplar body... finally... keep in mind it doesn't have cutaways, they charge more for that too apparently You haven't seen antigua much because most people are too boring to like it. Slade
  7. I tried it (taping it that is). Kinda seems to make the strings bind when you use the trem... I just let it rock and don't sweat getting the intonation perfect. I'd recommend keeping it dead center, and shoving it back in place when it's naughty. Unless you don't use the trem. In which case do whatever Slade
  8. 350 small block V8 with headers and a 4 barrel, it sounds alright but the Jag sounds better I've got a 95 Corvette LT1 I'm going to drop into it, and backing it up with a 5 speed. Then all I'll need is good brakes to get me stopped slade
  9. whoa, how'd I miss that one Anyways, yeah. It's the perfect Pitch guy. Or as I like to call him, the Perfect Pitchman, shortened to "Pitch" I could always totally see around the world being the Jag and envision him doing exactly what you said he did. Same with velvet glove Suck my kiss solo sounds awesome. I always had the sneaking suspision that Under the Bridge was actually a strat, but really I think it's possible for a Jag (or any fender) to come pretty close to the strat tone anyways if you tweak enough knobs, especially through the marshall amps he likes to use. Slade
  10. David Scott Stone... Melvins touring guitarist (and really nerdy looking guy). Plays a CAR in the Video here. Unfortunately Buzz's LP almost completely overpowers the Jag... Either that or the mic placement is really bad. http://www.runningonion.com/videos.html slade
  11. doesn't sound like anything else. Sounds beautiful. distorted or clean. Looks beautiful. Strats and Teles etc. are boring compared to it. I fell in love with the shape as soon as I saw it. I love the switches Plus yeah it matches my car. Slade
  12. That is the perfect quote. Anyways, I never knew he actually even used it much for any recording anyways... the Jag that is. Under the Bridge is the only RHCP song I can remember that he specifically had it, other than that it's present on most of his solo stuff. The Mustang I'm pretty sure was only from that photo shoot. There's a Jag in the "My Friends" video, but really from the tone that could be any old (fender) guitar Slade
  13. Hey. Haven't been around for a while. Tried searching for this but couldn't seem to find anything so... What paint is the closest match to competition Orange, where would I be able to find it? Or should I just suck it up not be a nerd about it and just by any old orange that looks right. Does anyone know? It looks familiar to the Capri Orange fender used in the 70s but I wouldn't even know where to find that. Yeah, I'm finally ebaying a bunch of stuff to start my much postponed Mustang project. Nearly bought a neck and body from a guy until like, 10 minutes ago when he decided he wanted to keep them for himself. I hate it when people won't sell me their bodies (and necks). ) Slade
  14. dude. that's cool. Figure once a guitars been like that for long enough you might as well just let the crappy paint job wear off naturally. have fun with it. I'd love an axe like that. slade
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