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  1. Get a Keely mod on it. They're #### awesome... a Keely Modded SD-1 owns most other overdrives I've heard. Worst pedal? Um, any on a multieffects board! Yuck.
  2. Hey dude how much was the Jaguar case from Ishibashi to you? I live in Melbourne. Was it the original Fender Jaguar case? Take some photos and send them to Shae@dotmac.com.au I might buy one at the same time I buy my guitar from them.
  3. Agreed. I like the heavy ones for most things except for fast strumming, then I like to use a light or medium light to glide through. I dunno. It works best for me... so yeah... you should do what ever works best for you, dude!
  4. Hehe.. Alden I live in Australia... so by the time I ship it out here (I don't think they sell 'em down here) I might as well get a Japanese Tele or something! Anyway here's most of my stuff in one pretty little picture: click to enlarge
  5. I'm not really interested in selling it in America as you'd have to pay shipping ( I live in Australia ) and the fact that I'd lose money on it most likely. But if you are interested and in the market for an all-original Bronco I'm selling it on eBay Australia and you can bid if you like as long as you're happy with paying all the shipping costs. Just search Fender Bronco on http://www.eBay.com.au I know you're not allowed to spam here so I tried to be as subtle as possible about it Anyway like I said... I'm actually looking to sell it on the Australian market so yeah, unless you're really interested, please don't bid
  6. You guys haven't seen my Bronco so I thought I'd show you... just got her and putting her back up for sale soonish so thought I'd post some pictures before she goes. She's so purdy
  7. Ok guys thanks for all your input! I decided to go with another Vox AC30 which a mate informed me of. His mate owns a music store across the state line here and has one AC30 CCX (the one with AlNiCo bluedogs) that he needs to get rid of before the end of the financial year which is in two days... and rather than keeping it he asked my mate if he knew anyone who was after a cheap amp and recommended me. I'm getting it for 60% off retail with the warranty still in tact and all the features. Not bad considering the speakers alone are worth almost as much as what I'm paying for the amp and speakers. I'm super happy with the purchase and should get the amp on Monday sometime as he's bringing it over, and for a spotters fee and for delivering me the amp I offered the guy my Taiwanese Boss CH-1. Not a bad deal overall, at all!
  8. Cool stuff, dude. I like the stuff I've heard from your band. I've had the mp3s for 5-6 months at least All the best with it and thanks for the heads up on the Vox.
  9. Thanks dude! Finally, someone who actually has one! Have you had anything wrong with it? Like Buzzing... Tubes dying within 6months etc? hmmmm! I hope the guy still has it because I've almost sold my geetars! I'm really anxious now By the way I'm getting it for
  10. Yeah... I've heard heaps of original Vox's as a friend of mine own one and I'm really fond of the sound. My main concern was the build quality more so than the features/sound. The price I've been given is almost half on the RRP... so the price isn't too bad considering it's about a month old. Thanks all guys!
  11. The Chinese ones. Are they "fixed" from 2004-2005 models or aren't they? I hear some people saying the recent ones they got this year are fine... whereas last year I heard a whole bunch of horror stories. So what's the go. Are they really that ####? Or are they #### compared to early models (which mind you, had speakers worth $700 each... at least) and everyone's just cynical. I know sweet #### all about Vox per se but I like the EL-84 sound but don't want to spend out the ass for a local made one. So yeah. Tell me what's good/bad about the re-issue CC2 Vox AC30s.
  12. The Valve JR. head through a 12" speaker. If you know where to get a cheap 1x12 box with a low rated speaker 20-25watts... it'll sound really good! Also buy a decent tube for it as the stock Chinese ones are junk. They'll only cost you a couple of bux 'cos it only has one power and one preamp tube!
  13. Greatest. Reply. Ever. Mad-Mike, you're but a god among men. I'm thinking about printing that out with the header "Greatest reply ever". No seriously but thanks for that dude, really appreciate it. I've never dealt with TOMs before so I think I might get someone who knows what they're doing to get the finer points done properly... as I'll only really need it done once and I much prefer it done right. I've just been playing unplugged a lot lately because I've sold my amp and it just sounds god awful from the bridge... anyway, thanks again and all the best.
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