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  1. nah i better forget this idea, now i'll search for a mustang myself! 10x
  2. well actually i wanted the humbucker becasue cobain rooted his fiesta red stang to a humbucker, and i dont like the 3 single coils in a small guitar and even the jaguar controls, its just my opinion. and if i buy the cyclone i for sure make a single coil black pickup cover and try to get a dynamic bridge if possible. the impossible thing i think its the pickguard right? but is the cyclone like a musatng or its smaller?
  3. yes, i know but i dont own a credit card i'm 15 and my father doesn't own a credit card. but my dealer told me that they import guitars directly from fender only so thats a problem!
  4. so its better to leave this idea right? so are the mustangs really discontinued?
  5. hi, i thought of buying a mustang, but in my country there arent any and i dont shop online, so i tought of buying a cycolne 1 w/humbukcer and replace a mustang pickuguard, a single coil pickup cover and a dynamic vibrato bridge! now my question is, is the Cyclone 1 built 100% like the mustang and so can i fit this hardware perfecly? 10x, peter
  6. 10x! its good deal from them! so if understood good they are not a limited edition but like very standard guitar but with d only difference that they are only in Japan! and is this company under FENDER.CO.!!??
  7. 10x bud! just a curiousity! from were do they supply those guitars?? they are discontinued!! and are they forever?
  8. were can i buy one!? online stores say its discontinued and even my local fender shop! i think only ebay right??
  9. hi i'm nu here! i'm thinking of buying a jag0stang! wat is its retail price? RRP 10x ! kurt kobain be wit u!
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