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  1. thats the question for me, surf green or the origianal olypic white. if and when I ever get the body sanded down then I'll have to decide, but sun burst is always at the top of my list. I dont care about it being "correct" that much. I dont plan on selling it. ah heres somthing cool that developed another project has entered my life kinda unexpected. I put a transmission in for a guy on the side this weekend and he didnt have cash, we decided we'd work something out b/c he has TONS of old junk out at his farm. So I go out there and stumble apon alot of disirable stuff > 32 ford chasis,
  2. yeah its wally haha, small world. that guy can be a real dick yeah but you can use it to your advanage if your buying a guitar to play and not restore/put in a glass case I just deal. but he is pretty blunt and I am surprised no one has punched him in the face a few times. as for a re finish no idecision yet. sometimes I want a seafoam color and sometimes white cant decide those are just a few ideas. when I was younger I would have killed for it to be sun burst. Any opinions? the guitar nazi (wally) told me since itd been re painted the wood wouldnt look good but what do you guys sugest? it d
  3. more pics today, slowly I have been taking autobody wet sanding grade, polishing/sand paper removing the paint from the head stock got it down to what I thought was original, then it changed colors agian haha. anyway front of head stock is naked at the moment, I have an old decal some old guitar resto guy gave me so thatll go on and he can apply the clear/oil rubbed finish? anyway yeah gotta take it to town for that. So now I know the guitar has been painted more like 3 times, originally white/bare neck, then sea foam/painted head stock, then a slightly darker sealfoam like a strat color I've
  4. Whats up guys, my name is robert and like the rest of you I am a long time Jaguar lover/owner. I have my 1962 #86704 Jaguar, victim of a horrid amature paint job prior to me buying it.they sanded it down to bare wood on the body and didnt bother sealing it. the neck was spared due to the oil rubbed finish not allowing the paint to soak in. the head stock was painted, but no leaching into the wood b/c they never sanded off another paint job before painting it (maybe origianal paint). its rough and all the paint is fading on the back of the neck pretty bad afer 8 or so years of me playing it
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