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  1. I have an original (not refinished) 1965 sunburst Jaguar and I agree that the body you have looks everything like an original. The yellow and black paint mishmash in the neck pocket is just like on mine (except for the "shadow" from the paint stick, more visible on mine) and mine also has a "S" written between the pickups. But, IMO, the round plug on the back is the best clue, as the MIJ/CIJ don't have them.
  2. I know that band, they are fantastic! There is another Russian band doing the same kind of stuff going by the name of "Nozh dlya Frau M
  3. Thanks for the encouragements! I might just do that!.. I did not buy them last Saturday, because I was too depressed when I found out they had just sold the guitar I wanted... It was another Mustang, all black with pearloid pickguard in amazing shape that they sold for 550$ CDN... That one was a 1967 or 1968. I'll go to the store tomorrow and see for how much they are willing to let go the two of them... I'll post pictures here if I succeed in bargaining a fair price!
  4. The complete one (candy apple red - matching headstock) could go for 350$ CDN and the other one for 300$ or 275$ CDN. So that's around 275$US and 200$US... Judging from what goes on on Ebay right now, that is about the price for nice vintage necks, right? And the neck on the candy apple red one is really fantastic (almost no fret wear, not a nick on the back or the headstock, rare "A" width)... That said, what do you guys think? Are they too expensive?
  5. Thank you for these infos. I'll try and get some pictures of the two Mustangs later this week. The other one is even more messed up: no pickups at all, Jaguar bridge and neck, metallic purple refinish, etc.)...
  6. Could the headstock be the result of a factory refin then, because the decal looks very legit? If this is the case, should I be looking for some kind of refinish mark under the pickguard? As for the keys, it might be F keys then, they were off the neck when I saw the guitar on Saturday and I relied on the shop owner for the info... I guess I shouldn't do that, right? Do the 15MAR66A seem legit to you? Is 15 the code for Mustang?
  7. Hi! I am a Jaguar guy and don't know much about Mustangs, so I'm turning over to you guys for some answers.. A local shop here has two vintage Mustangs in stock which they are selling very cheap because they have been tampered with a lot... But one of them is not in such bad a shape and I am considering buying it and doing some resto. The catch is that I cannot be sure of anything as to dating the axe... The neck plate is gone, so no serial numbers... The pots and pickups have been changed, so no chance dating there. The guy says it is a 1966 and the neck stamp reads: 15MAR66A. But the gui
  8. I think the 1965 is also made of two pieces, but the seam is very hard to see... I cannot be sure either. As for the finish on the MIJ, the wood has not been tainted and the wood has just been protected by a luthier with a product usually used on violins.
  9. Thanks! I do like the natural wood on the japanese RI. I will soon be adding an american reissue mute to it. So by popular request, some other pics:
  10. You all seem to enjoy these guitar pictures... and I enjoy showing them, so here are two more pics. The 1965's back side showing the years of belt buckle scratches... ...and my japanese RI refinished in natural wood.
  11. Here is a close-up of the headstock. You can see how bad a job they did when they changed the nut...
  12. Thanks for the good words! Actually, I did think my guitar was normal, and that my jap RI was the screw-up... Untill I tried another Jaguar and saw the diagrams on the internet... I guess I did get used to it being that way. You've got good eyes! Yes the nut was also changed, and unfortunately, it was a bad job... I mean, the guitar plays like a dream, but cosmetically it deters the looks of the guitar a little.
  13. I just unscrewed the plate and rechecked and the solders don't look like they've been tampered with.. So I guess I have an original oddball!
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