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  1. I like these guitars but unfortinately I refuse to have a guitar without a Trem on it
  2. My friend has exactly the same one, the gold works really well with all the chrome
  3. thanks for all youre advice , it's been really helpful
  4. ooo sounds nice too and if I may say so great music. has a nice touch of that jazzmaster sound
  5. so ok not good if you need a complete rewiring ,but since I am not going to refinish mine as I am happy with ocean turquoise then the main problem will be the pickguard. I am happy with the regular jaguar controls so they will bei staying too.
  6. actually does the jazzuar need special wiring changing of resistors etc or is it just a few minutes with a saw and a straight swap
  7. lol,damn you and youre joking , actually I dont want a jazzmaster I like the short scale and tons of chrome of the jaguar and I thought that a good set of jazzmaster pickups would be better than jap jaguar pickups. Well I reckon I will do it
  8. jaguars are great once sorted , I had my height adjusment screws glued in place and had furrows cut into the saddles and it is fine also you have to have 11 strings minimum. I have 2 friends who have jags and never use them as they dont know what they are doing. I have tape on my tremelo arm tight and a loop of tape to keep it at right height, I read that this is what my bloody valentine used to do. But even after all this jags are a very distinct machine, personally I like clang and twang and feedback so I love mine, my other guitar is a gretsch so as you can guess that is my kind of sound.
  9. I know it's been done before but how does it sound is it hard to do and is it a good idea. I really like the sound of jazzmasters and those pickups look so cool Marc
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