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  1. I am looking at a 65 Fender Jag with the Tone POT showing DiMarzio as the manufactor. I don't believe DiMarzio came on mid-60 Fenders. Can anyone confirm ? Thx in advance
  2. Wow Rick, that is exactly what I need to do and also my jag is that exact color. Talk about being helpful, man, you did it ! Thanks a bunch, you probably saved me some dough and headache. Thx again Gene in Dallas
  3. I bought a 68 jag that has not been played in 20 years. Came with original Fender song-book, leather strap and original price tag....and ancient strings. The guitar is in good shape, but all the pots crackle and pop. Someone suggested it had been sitting too long.... Any ideas on fixing this....? I heard about using Tuner cleaner spray or a similar product...Any help appreciated... Thx Gene
  4. How rare is a Maple fretboard on a vintage Jazz or Jag ? Was this considered a rare combination ? Any feedback appreciated...Thanks
  5. I did not purchase it today. It is still for sale. I know the guitar will appreciate in value but I could not justify his $4000 asking price. While I was there a guy came in and offered $3000 and was turned down. So I can pass on it, or buy it and wait a few years for it to go up. Regarding the finish, from what I read, some of the celluose clear coating turned brownish with age and exposure to ultraviolet light (sort of like the plastic rear window on a convertible automobile ?). It appears to me the original gold is undernearth the "darkened" finish coat. Where the finish coat has worn away, it is a nice gold color. The owner said it was not ultraviolet light reaction, but tobacco stains and smoke from years of playing in bars. I don't think he was right. My opinion. Yes we took it apart there at the place. Do you think it is worth the price. The other buyer was a longtime guitar player since 68 and he thought it was all original. He is a "spotter" for a vintage guitar collector, so he at least had some credibility. I know the guy he "spots for". Genuine collector.
  6. Can anyone try and give me a brief explanation of the difference in sound (generally) between a Jag and a Jazzmaster (meaing 1960's guitars, not Reissues). Strat player, new to this forum, just trying to get a handle on the playability difference and sound difference between these two guitars. Thanks
  7. You did not offend me. I am looking for all the help I can get. I have some photos of the guitar taken apart. Can I email a couple to you and have you tell me what you think ? I am thinking of buying this guitar tomorrow and want to have my bases covered. Can I email you the photos ?
  8. Rick, help me on the bridge cover. It was in the case and snapped on. Can you clarify on it not being original ? I have (or thought I have) others with this bridge cover or at least one that looks like it. Did 66 jag's not have one ?
  9. I think maybe you have the "golds" backwards. Look at this and then give me your color opinion on the Jag's color. On the website, click on the different views. http://www.novaks.org/restors/FenderColors/index.shtml
  10. It's real, not a refi. I have played it and have seen refi's. What color do you think it is ?
  11. I am still trying to nail down the color. "I think" (not sure) that I read in a book from http://www.vintageguitars.com that in 1966 there was only "Firemist" Gold available. The two different photos as you can see show it to appear to be two different colors (the two photos of the guitar in the case). In person it appears to be golden-bronze(darker shade). Can you comment on condition. PS, the rub marks on the body upper left is rubbed off from the players arm. It is not a camea-flash reflection, it is rubbed-off paint or paint coating...
  12. Robert, check your email in your profile. I sent some photos.You can see two photos under different light were it appears two different colors. What color is this ? and what do you think. I have seen the guitar in person.
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