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  1. Thanx for all the advice but i've already bought the buzz stop. So now I've to pray it works. Cheers
  2. yeah all the jags i have seen of his are fully stock. he only owns the fiesta red one now (which anthony bought him when he rejoined th peppers)...the rest of them were lost in his house fire/sold for drugs. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y233/W ... 4kb2um.jpg I know the green one he uses in the video to Under the Bridge was given to Hard Rock Caf
  3. Sure but the buzz stop is easier for me to get hold of, so thats why i need it. But the question was if it solves the problems?
  4. Hi I've read a lot about the problems following the MIJ jaguars and I'm planning on buying a so called buzz stop. Will it fix all the problems with the buzzing bridge? http://www.northcoastmusic.com/buzzstop/ you probably been asked this some times before, but i didn't find any threads so... Cheers!
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