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  1. Dig up his grave. They buried it all with him.
  2. Phantom power is needed to charge the metal plates in condensor mics. You can easily pick up a mic preamp like this one.
  3. I actually have had the same thing happen to me. It's just from the angle at which you've got your wrist/hand bent. If you're playing standing up, try shortening your strap. It helped me.
  4. Eh... octave, wah, delay, pitch shifter(?), and something else!
  5. Call him up and ask. I'm sure he'd have the "best" of anyone.
  6. Not after said robot smashes it into a million pieces, along with your body.
  7. Well, it's made of wood.. which is a big drawback when you're in a battle with a robot from the future.
  8. Personally, I've been looking at one of these. Connects to your computer using a USB cable. Seems to be constructed well. I'm just not totally sure about the sound quality thru the USB.
  9. Yeah, my Princeton does that as well. If you turn the OD channel to 0, it won't do it, as it's just switching channels when you shut it off. Annoying as hell, thus why I don't use it.
  10. Guitars '76 Mustang. Ugly brown, strat pickup in the neck Epiphone SG special. Red, no-name single-coil in the neck Squier Telecaster. Blond. Silvertone Mosrite copy. Sunburst Gretsch Synchromatic Junior Jet. Yellowish sunburst. Brownsville Choirboy 12-string semi-hollowbody. Black Yamaha acoustic 12-string. Univox Roadstar II Bass. Black. Pedals EH Doctor Q Dano Chili Dog octave Dano FAB Distortion Dano FAB Metal Distortion Dano FAB Overdrive Pearl DS-06 Distortion BOSS FZ-3 Fuzz BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver MXR Dist+ Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz Dunlop Crybaby wah "Hali
  11. Not if you're playing with a drummer that constantly speeds up.
  12. why? Because, it's no help if the drummer can keep a beat, but can't stick with the other half of the rhythm section.
  13. Using alternate tunings allows you to use some chords that are either impossible, or near impossible to do in standard tuning. Also, they allow for different sounds in terms of open strings and open chords. I usually use them to get a more ambient sound... or because I just can't form the chord that I want in standard.
  14. From Left: -Epiphone SG Special, w/ no-name single-coil in the neck position -1976 Fender Mustang, w/ older Strat pickup in the neck position -Yamaha 12-string Acoustic, back was patched up poorly -Ibanez Roadstar II bass -Brownsville 12-string Choirboy -Silvertone Mosrite copy, middle pickup removed.
  15. Okay, see I really haven't used a lot for digital audio, etc. So, this is really the only program I know of extensively.
  16. I'm currently using a version of Steinberg Wavelab. I find it does what I need it to.
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