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  1. if you want a pedal purely for delay/modulations, look into getting a Zoom G2. It's cheap, compact and modulation effects are varied and amazing. The amp models/distortions are ok, not great but some are useable (mainly the fuzzes)
  2. p0wn-ed! no seriously, it was rather stupid, spending a massive amount of money on a guitar when you had done literally *no* research on it! By reading one review on harmony central or the description on wikipedia, you would have known it's a BARITONE guitar, it's not meant to be strung in normal tuning EVER! that said, hopefully you've learnt from your mistake.
  3. it's not a 6-string bass, it's a baritone guitar. the clue's in the name. It's designed to be tuned B E A D F# B. What exactly were you expecting it to be like??
  4. sweet, thanks pedro! i'll have to listen when i get home from work - should be interesting
  5. wow, gold..never seen that colour before! Has it got a matching gold headstock?
  6. "upgraded pickups" hmm, upgraded how?? what have they done???
  7. I know how to adjust the neck and to check if it needs adjustment... and both of these are straight. Maybe it's a fret problem... on the low E string, play a note at every fret, going upwards - does the fretbuzz stop at some point? If so, the fret before that may be too high. Also when setting the neck relief, the neck shouldn't be straight - it needs to be bowed, with the bow exactly matching the vibrating shape of the strings. you know that right?
  8. when you say "russian", do you mean the new black reissues, or the old sovtek green ones? cos again, both have totally different sounds.
  9. as far as i know, the fret high (vintage, slim, medium, jumbo) should have a huge effects on how the guitar plays/feels, but shouldn't make any difference to how a guitar is set up. If you're getting constant buzzing it's usually due to it needing more or less relief on the neck, or if one or more frets are too high. Both problems should be corrected by taking your guitar to an experienced guitar tech.
  10. hey that's what i do - v useful! Also from those photos, it looks like Kurt had a good fretting hand technique - thumb dead on the centre on the back of the neck. who'd have thought it eh!
  11. first of all, which wiring diagram did you use? Link us please. Is this the one? http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/sc ... jaguar.jpg Assuming you're using single coils there is only one way you could wire it, though of course there may be something loose and causing problems. Next, explain "high squeel". do you mean hiss or hum (pickup noise), or a high squeeling shriek (microphonic feedback). does the noise change when you touch the strings or pickups? Does it happen on both pickups equally; what if they're both off?
  12. yay you got it? Post a soundclip, i wanna hear!! Also the blue one looks waaay cooler than the red - you got lucky!
  13. dude, you heard of Placebo? They used Jaguars for their first 2 albums - jag + marshall totally definied their sound. Their music is kinda experiemental pop/glam..it's hard to define, just check em out: Nancy Boy - http://youtube.com/watch?v=DH27i-zRUtk Teenage Angst - Placebo are the reason i bought a jaguar - Brian plays the strings behind the bridge loads, and the jag is the only guitar you can do that with properly! also Sonic Youth famously love Jags, although they probably use Jazzmasters more cos of the longer scale length and their alt tunings.
  14. i'd just have one split on each of the two pots. make the most sense and gives the most options!
  15. pedro what amp do you use? Post a list of your gear in the "My Rig" thread, i'm quite intrigued! I've never actually played a tube amp...is that wrong?
  16. you don't enjoy playing with magnets?!! you are male right?
  17. Sweet, upload it to http://www.megaupload.com - i wanna hear!! Yeh the tone thing - i thought the furthest one would sound best, but yeh to get the most "jaguar" like tone, the one closest to the bridge is best. Just flip the humbucker next time you change strings. I still have 4 guitars btw - i posted a pic of all my gear in the "your rig" thread. Here are my babies:
  18. hey pedro, did you ever get any soundclips of that up? I'd love to hear how the single coils sound. Also is the split coil the one nearest or furthest from the bridge? Would make a pretty big sound difference; in this instance, might be better to split to the one furthest away. i miss my jag HH btw
  19. neodymium magnets are also known as earth magnets, and are the most powerful type you can get. i bought 3 disc shaped ones off ebay, just for fun - they're pretty much impossible to prise apart, and when you do they're liable to snap back together, trapping the end of your finger in the most painful way possible! They're so powerful they can easily de-magnatise a credit card or harddisk, so basically ive had to stash them in a box in a draw out of harms way
  20. p.s. we do get ass-raped on guitar prices in the UK - but then it is an American made reissue, you're bound to get it cheaper. i think we get british amps (Marshall, Orange) a bit cheaper..but no that much
  21. what a silly question. I play my jag clean with chorus, or lightly overdriven 90% of the time; that's what it really excels at. I have other guitars for heavy stuff. I think/hope that most Kurt wannabies who have seen their hero playing a Jag have bought a Jagmaster, as it's way closer to what Kurt played.
  22. hey, yeh thats me. sorry i din't mean to offend - just if you're looking to buy a jag, i would buy a cheaper japanese one first rather a US one. You could always then change the pickups if you dont like them. Also over here in the UK the American reissue jaguars go for around
  23. a CIJ Jaguar should be significantly cheaper than a Cyclone II. You're probably looking at the American Jaguars, which are expensive and aint worth it. a few people have said that the cyclone II sounds more like a strat than a jag. Personally i tried one in a shop, and its a very versatile instrument - definitely nicer sounding than a CIJ jag anyway!
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