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  1. but but...i PLAYED a sonic blue jagstang!! this one is completely different - it's surf green dammit! It's not aged, cos the finish is even all over!! grrr..!
  2. you live in the UK? if so i'll warn you when im gonna sell. thing is i'm probably gonna stick it in my Fender Jagmaster, so replace the SD Invader that came with it (seriously, the invader is the WORST crappiest muddiest bass-heavy pickup EVER)
  3. actually now considering a Dimazio X2N for the bridge http://www.music123.com/DiMarzio-X2N-i157489.music it's bar magnets so dont have to worry about pole-spacing - it would completely fix the slanted pickup problem! plus massive but balanced output, so should sound good split. i dunno, will have to try and find some sound samples..to compare this to the JB
  4. heh thanks..probably cos im not a 15 year old Nirvana fan? Actually i'm almost the opposite; i dont really like Nirvana, and i intentionally avoided ever considering getting a Jagstang cos of the Kurt/fanboy connection. but then i actually played one..! Actually i believe a JB is significantly higher output than a super distortion - the only reason is sounds like it roars is cos of the massive amounts of bassy and mids! I'd prefer a more balance pickup, i can then do the EQing on my amp/distortion pedal! woah, sorry! LOL!! damn, only 2? would 3 be possible with a different type of switch??? thanks for the other wiring diagram; ive wired new pickups in myself before, but this is way more complicated..but still may have a go. Really need to shield that front pickup too..it's the noisiest single coil ive ever used!!
  5. yay, just aquired myself a 1998 jagstang - what a great guitar! Funnily enough i was actually shopping for a Fender Cyclone, but then i tried this guy's jagstang at my guitar lesson, and it had the best neck and balance of any guitar i ever played. So that night i started bidding on Ebay! Here's what i ended with with http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 7402901038 Now sorry to you colour debating people, but this Jagstang is surf-green - it's exactly the same colour as my friend's Surf-green Fender Venus (which she got personally given by Courtney Love..b*tch!!). Bridge is also locked down and did the tape mod, so no complaints with regards to tuning/intonation. I love the black pickups, though i dont like the Super Distortion - sounds good distorted, but clean it's got way too much bass and mids, and it's not F-spaced to the strings completely miss nearly every pole piece. I think this is the reason i cant get good harmonics on this guitar. Thinking of replacing it with a SD JB (more balanced), and rewiring the selector switches so neck one is pickup selector (single/both/hum) and bridge one does some humbucker switching (coiltap/parellel/series). Anyone tried this?? Seems an obvious mod, and would make this into pretty much a perfect versatile guitar! Also anyone know how a SD JB would sound, compared to a super distortion??
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