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  1. dude, the VS100R is 10 years old - it'll be hard to find in the shops! I only mentioned it cos it's a great amp, v loud and v v cheap! if you cant try that, try other marshall valvestates, or even a roland cube 30. if this is your first amp i wouldnt go crazy trying to get a tube amp, just keep trying different ones till you find one you like the sound of
  2. if you're looking at solid state amps, you cant beat the Marshall Valvestate VS100R. sooo cheap 2nd hand and great sound. 3 channels, 3rd channel is huge fuzzy distortion sound. Channel 1 (clean) is ok, but Channel 2 (crunch) sounds amaing with the gain on 1 or 2..beaufiful clean sound. and yes it has seperate reverbs for both channels. I prefer the clean on my marshall to that of my fender (though they're both solid state)
  3. yeh just find an amp with a good clean that you LOVE, and then find a pedal that gives you the thick fuzzy overdrive. TRy everything at the store - but just try and use a jaguar when you're demoing if you can, as they'e hard to find amps that they work well with!
  4. i actually haven't got a pedal board, which is annoying cos i sually end up just using 1 stompbox every session. I'm lazy, so i was thinking of getting the Gator Tote, a ready made one inc power supply: http://www.gatorcases.com/productsdetai ... =2&PID=121 (you can see a video if it there) It looks pretty cool and portable; will hold about 8 boss-sized pedals, which is perfect for me (i only really need overdrive, chorus, reverb, rhythm distortion, line selector, lead distortion). PSU is clipped to the bottom. It's kinda expensive though -
  5. hey you use a FAB overdrive pedal with your Marshall valvestate?? it's just i play through a Marshall VS100R, and was interested in that pedal, but assumed it would sound sh*te through anything but a tube amp.
  6. HAHA finally you guys have discovered the joys of Johnny DiMarco!! he's often on the Roland demo DVDs and ALWAYS he looks like a complete twat! best video of him EVER he his demo of the Roland Cube 60: http://www.rolandus.com/products/produc ... jectId=640 (click on "video" then "cube 60 demo video"). During the first song he looks like he's jacking off and is about to cum or something - what a dick! if i ever made facial expressions like that when i played guitar i hope someone would punch me out, or take the guitar away - or preferably both!
  7. boss hyperfuzz is the worst AND best pedal i own - it's very weird!
  8. oooooh new fuzz pedal - i love my fuzzes! pity its COSM (digital). would mind hearing the metal one either - wonder how it compares to my Metal Zone or my Digitech Death Metal (complete SH#T)
  9. holy sh*t it worked!! so have you got a schematic then? i actually kinda wanna try it with my jag!. i already tried outputing to 2 amps with my boss ls-2, and it sounds awesome, but it would be cool with 2 different pickups. My only problems would be that 1) the rhythem circuit is too bassy due to the 25k tone pot in there. my tip would be to buy another 1meg jaguar volume roller and stick it in as a replacement to the rhythm tone pot - so both lead and rhythm would have 1meg/1meg pots. 2) the bridge pickup on my jag sounds like sh*t on its own, really trebly and weak. but then again i still have the original CIJ pickups.
  10. sorry was busy last night - will post full list tonight. dont get too excited, my stuff really isnt that great. But i will offer most stuff at cheap prices, cos i just wanna get rid. Also sorry but im in the UK - no shipping to the US (too much hassle)
  11. good question!!! I'll compose a list when i get home..it's gonna be LONG!!
  12. bingo!! ive seriously become addicted to buying guitar stuff off ebay, in the the hope that the next purchase will get me that "perfect sound". People on guitar forums call it GAS (guitar/gear acquisition syndrome), and i reckon im a terminal case! Here's a good article on it: http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/A ... iding_GAS/ "GAS is NOT the same thing as collecting. In fact, many people find that the collecting of instruments is as much a joy as playing them (particularly if you have the financial means to collect). GAS differs in that the compulsive need to "tweak your rig" supersedes the desire to improve as a player, compose music, record, (and if you have aspirations of playing professionally) seek gigs. Another common trait of a GAS-inflicted individual is the tendency to impulsively trade in a perfectly good piece of equipment for a seemingly more desirable piece of equipment (often at a loss of money) and later regret the transaction." man that's sooo me. so its out with ALL my gear, just one or 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 amp, 2 or 3 essential pedals.
  13. dont particularly think i could get a better sound - i just cant be bothered fiddling with so much gear. i know realise my rig will enver be exactly what i want, unless my band get signed and i become a millionaire anyway. basically i wanna focus more on playing well and writing songs, and less on finding the perfect guitar / pedal / amp /sound. already sold one of my guitars today for
  14. seriously, i'm just so frustrated / bored with it all. Gonna sell everything except like 1 amp (Fender 85), few guitars (Jaguar, Yamaha Pacfica, maybe my jagstang except i'll wait and sell that once it becomes rare and worth more), 1 distortion pedal. start all again from scratch. Anyone ever feel like this??
  15. Buy a sunburst Squier Jagmaster II or Vista Jagmaster and but the DiMarzio's in it. boom, you have a kurt-a-fied jag. EDIT: just noticed fran actually suggested this too! but yeh, seconded!
  16. why not just get a boss LS-2, and have the guitar going into 2 amps that way? you can set the volumes independantly and stuff. seems a lot of trouble having 2 outputs from 2 pickups - but if you think its cool, i'd be interested in hearing the final result!
  17. Brian from Placebo uses a big muff through a Fender Twin for the big distortion bit in "Lady Of the Flowers". If you wanna know what it'll sound like, download that song.
  18. CIJ 1995 with replacement Fender red tort pickguard and mustang bridge.
  19. i say get the cyclone II - far better guitar. in fact i really want one myself, only problem is the Daphne Blue version is almost impossible to find 2nd hand in the UK (i never buy new guitars!!)
  20. how can i tell if my Fender Jaguar is made of alder or basswood? it was made in 1995 so could be either - i was wondering if there was any way to physically tell the different (weight, sound?) not that it really matters, im just curious.
  21. oops, i completely got my wired crossed (figuratively!). So a capacitor normally cuts bass? So in the guitar tone control, how does it cut highs???? aaaaaah!
  22. here's the wiring diagram from seymour duncan It's a .003 tone capacitor wired in series. Can anyone explain why this setup cuts bass though? Obviously the cap actually cuts highs..so the guitar signal is going through the cap, coming out bass-y and then mixing again with the original signal (cos it's in parallel). Shouldn't this make the sound MORE bass-y?? (unless the two signals cancel out - but they shouldnt cos there in phase). Wish i knew more about wiring and stuff...i did an electronic engineering module at uni, but we were designing circuits for calculators and vending machines and stuff.
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