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  1. although that RAT site is good, they don't have a soundclip of the RAT2 running at very high gain. Can any RAT owners quickly explain the difference in sound between a RAT2 running at full pelt, and a Turbo RAT with gain turned up? thanks!
  2. Bass VI = 30" scale (i.e. short scale bass) Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom/Fender Jaguar Baritone Custom = 28.5" scale Fender Jaguar Baritone HH = 27" scale all use the same strings, but the latter guitars are really designed to be tuned B to b, i.e. baritone tuning. The Baritone HH is probably the one closest to a regular guitar. But still personally i wouldnt touch any of them unless i'd alreayd tried them out and knew exatcly what i was doing. anyay, here's a good page with links http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fender_Jag ... one_Custom
  3. blimey, i hardly ever change the strings of my guitar (once ive experimented and found the perfect set anyway). For instance, my main gig guitar used to be a Squier Jagmaster II. At a gig last Xmas i cut my finger during the first song and covered the whole guitar in blood - i wiped the guitar off, but you can still see bits of red on the strings. in fact i reckon the blood improved the tone (blame the SD Invader installed in the bridge - worst pickup EVER!). I just like the smoothness of worn-in strings. My main gigging guitar now (Yamaha RGX321-FP) is a metal guitar and so has a flloyd rose trem. Needless to say ive nenver been brave enough to even attempt to change the strings - even though it really needs some heavier ones (it came strung with 8's...faaar too light!)
  4. WOW what a cool site! thanks for the heads up
  5. no you cant play it like a normal guitar - its a 6-string bass! Everything's an octave lower - its really for bass playing. If you want a different guitar for jazz, check out the Jaguar HH baritone special.
  6. i did string my Fender Duo-Sonic with heavy strings (earny ball beefys?), and when i was playing quite hard i snapped the nut! typical, the string doesnt break but the nut does...i still have got it fixed (who needs the low E string anyway? )
  7. i had a cold - seriously!!! and yeh it's The Sun - but i'm proud to say ive never bought it, i just find it on the tube and take it home. to READ, you pervert!
  8. the only time i've ever broken a string is whilst tuning! Not that i play super-gently - just lucky i guess
  9. you could get a Boss LS-2 line selector, and have 2 different distortion pedals in the A and B effects loops. LS-2 also allows you to out put to two different amps, or blend the two effects, AND it has a 9v power output jack so you can power 5 or so pedals from the LS-2 with the special boss power daisy-chain lead. I'm actually looking to buy one cheap off ebay, cos i wanna output to two amps simultaniously.
  10. All but one of my guitars have come from ebay. I see no reason to ever buy a guitar brand new. not only are they more expensive, but also pre-owned ones just seem to be better overall, cos theyve been played in a bit and any problems usually have been sorted out. Is it worth browsing the electric guitar bit of ebay rather than searching - a few times ive found REALLY good guitars that have been mislabeled (the seller has forgot to put the model in ther dexcription) so ive bought them at stupidly low prices.
  11. matching headstock = awesome green colour = puke-inducing. I'd like that in seafoam green, or red, or shell PINK - with competition stripes!
  12. bloody hell - that's REALLY cheap! 2/3 the price of a USA reissue jag! Black paintwork looks bad though - it's matte not glossy!
  13. You Dirty Rat adds more gain to a RAT 2, but also contains a compressor, so the sound is all compressed and sustains longer. This would probably be more useful to a bass-player than a straight fuzz box.
  14. I've owned both a Jaguar HH and a regular japanese jag. If you want trashy punk sounds, yeh regular jag will do it. Personally i found that the HH was really good, but sounded a bit too much like all my other humbucker equipped guitars (Jag-Stang especially) to be worth keeping. just bare in mind that the stock japanese jaguar pickups are pretty poor, and will probably need changing.
  15. wow, another bis fan!! yeh the're our biggest influence (the 2 guitarists/drum machine/keyboard line-up should have given it away!) You going to the bis reunion show in April 2007? They're playing a one off at Islington Academy, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of New Transistor Heroes - I'M SO EXCITED!! nah, Jag wouldn't sound right in this band (even though its red - matches our band colour scheme), cos i'm the lead player, and the Jag is currently way too wimpy for lead. I'm playing my usual Yamaha RGX321-FP - it's a really cool metal guitar from Yamaha, and it has this removable transparent faceplate thingy So you can basically change how the entire guitar looks by tracing round it on card, then putting your own design underneath!
  16. we're called Want Take Have http://www.myspace.com/wanttakehaveband Betsy Trotwood is small, but luckily we have no drummer! Your band look cool, I'll have a listen when i get home (and have speakers)
  17. so it *does* sound like an original jaguar when coil split then Cool, i wanna hear a tone clip of it switching between series and parallel - get a webcam and stick it on youtube, like i do! Hey who are your band, and are you on Myspace?? (we're both in London - and my band are playing a headline show @ The Betsy Trotwood tomorrow!)
  18. ooh, i was interested in the stag mag too! Have you tried spliting the coils totally yet? I'm wondering if it'll sound like a regular jag! here's an explanation http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/cate ... ngfaqs/#q2 Basically audio taper (logarithmic) pots give you more control as you turn the pot down - tone pots should *always* be audio taper! However, both types of pots are identical when they're on 10. The muffled sound comes from the 50k tone pot. The lower the valve, the darker a guitar will sound - les pauls use 500k tone pots, Fender strats 250k. 250k is generally the lowest pot value you can get. 50k is just STUPID - it's almost like having a strat tone control turned down to 1 ALL THE TIME!
  19. oh - do the Fender dragster pickups have 4 wires?? ooh, you need to post sound clips of that! I couldnt lose the strangle switch - i didnt find it useful on the Jag HH, but on the regular jag its v v useful when both pickups are on (you get a thick but not muddy rhythm/lead sound). I still wanna stick a 1meg tone pot in the rhythm circuit - will make it infinitely more useful.
  20. I wouldnt want to get rid of the whole circuit, i wanna keep the tone/volume controls but also add the bridge pickup wired straight into the neck pickup, so both pickupo act like a giant humbuckler. unfortunately i think pedro's right - there's no space for extra wiring. ok, well plan 2 then - wire the pickup on/off switches so that they're on/on - but when they're both DOWN, they're in series with each other. Both up would be in parallel. I'm sure that would work...i think!
  21. of course a simple solution to c) would be to buy another 1MEG mini-pot designed for the Jag rhythm circuit volume control, and install it as a tone pot. Could then just keep the tone roller rolled down..so obvious, dunno why i didnt think of that before..
  22. Ok, so like most jag owners I already hate the rhythm circuit. Yeh it sounds nice for a bluesy solo sound, but then its not that different to the lead circuit neck pickup with tone rolled off. Also the rhythm circuit wiring on my jag is shot (it cuts out), and rather than get it fixed i'd rather put in something more useful. Anyway, i was thinking that selecting the rhythm circuit would activate BOTH pickups in series with each other - so it would be like a lead boost setting, with higher output and humcancelling (once my Fender AV Jag pickups are installed). now i'm just wondering: a) Is this wiring schematic even possible with the current jag switches? What do 2 jag pickups sound like in series? (i know some people on here have installed series/parallel switches) c) Is there any aftermarket mini tone-pot that will fit the jaguar upper control panel? I'd want a 500k tone, rather than the 50k tone pot currently there. Cheers for reading
  23. thanks for the compliments people - and yes my room is messy, i'm going to tidy it - i promise! Tried my new jag through my marshall and roland micro cube amps and with chorus it sounds nice, but with distortion - the japanese pickups are very thin and bright, plus it's hard to get any distortion going at all! Man this is one low output guitar!! It's significantly lower output than my Squier Duo-sonic, and that has the cheapest sh*ttest squier pickups ive ever heard Anyway, luckily a few months back i bought a set of AV Jag pickups off Ebay, which i was gonna wire into my Jag-stang/jag HH. They're now going into this guitar ASAP.
  24. hey neocult, whats the 4-coil bridge pickup in your blue Jag-Stang? Is that a kent armstrong motherbucker?
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