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  1. oops, sorry about the jag. I'm sure you can get another one soon. Just don't be hasty - wait for a good auction, you could prob get one cheaper than $750 anyway! The black and red was a cool colour though..but i reckon a burgundy mist (purple metallic) jag would suit a girl player like you. I love that colour.
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_tester "Despite the job's difficulty, game testing doesn't pay a great deal and is usually paid hourly (around USD$9 - $12 an hour)" So what's this guy doing to get 10x more than a regular tester?? also $90 an hour works out to be a $180,000 a year job! Rebecca, what's the company he works for???
  3. i dont believe he gets $90 an hour for games testing! its just not possible! I've looked into Game Q&A jobs, and they're almost all very low paid (
  4. width of the fret? If you mean fret height, the Jag HH has vintage frets, same as a regular jag i.e. quite low.
  5. nope! unless you mean a kind of weird rainbow-coloured pattern? Cos that's just standard chrome tarnish - it was easily be polished off. Yup, straight swap. and yes it ruled! To be honest he probably got the better deal. It's a alder-body 1995 Made-in-Japan Jag Reissue, not a vintage. Matching headstock Japanese Jags usually go for
  6. Hey, thanks! I've only tested it through my headphone practise setup - sounds awesome though, can already get all the sounds i was after that i couldn't get with the HH (Placebo, Sonic Youth etc). My ears are bloody ringing now, it's soo bright-sounding! Needed a bit of setting up, it has a mustang bridge installed which was set crazily high. Lowered it, but its buzzing a bit and the low E intonation is miles out! Also annoyingly the screws on the mustang bridge are quite big and touch the strings as they go into the body - so i cant play behind the bridge, Placebo-style, DOH! gotta get that sorted... Errm, thanks..i think! Most people says i look like Quentin Tarantino, which gets kinda old FAST!
  7. the "feel" of a guitar neck comes down to 4 things: - scale - radius - profile (can be C, D or V) - width (of fretboard, can be A, B, C) obviously the RI mustang and the JS have the same scale and radius. The Jag-Stang neck width is def 'A' - its by far the narrowest neck Fender have ever produced. Hell, at the nut its more narrow than my 22" scale Fender Duo Sonic. If the strings were even a few more millimetres closer together, the guitar would be pretty much unplayable! However, the JS has a chunky 'D' profile neck - this means the back of the neck (everything behind the freboard) is literally shaped like the letter D, similar to a les paul. If your reissue Mustang is anything like its Fender Cyclone cousin, then it probably has a 'C' profile neck, like a strat. This is more smoothy curved and thinner, hence you find it less "chunky". Anyway, hope this info helps! I'd be interested to hear which neck you find most comfortable?
  8. dude i wasn't being serious - i was just being sarcastic about it being a great pedal cos of the cool spinny light thing. Seriously, if you like how it sound get it, though im sure there are cheaper alternatives. hell, i think even my Zoom G2 has a rotary speaker sim.
  9. Jaguar HH just wasn't doing it for me. So I messaged a guy on Ebay, suggested a swap, and now..I'm the proud owner of this beauty! Man it feels soo good to finally be part of the Fender Jaguar club!
  10. I thought the HH Jaguars had a compound radius of 7.25" to 9.5" no its definitely 9.5" all the way up.
  11. problem is, if someones gonna shoot up their school, checking everyone isn't going to stop them - they'll just shoot the security guards. Guess it stops people bringing knives/guns to school, but again if you really wanna kill someone this isn't going to stop you. Actually the terms of Ebay state that unless the person marked their auction as "immediate payment required" (its an option in ebay), you have 30 days to pay.
  12. what, so your Mum basically stole the money off you??! Man that sucks! Seriously, I'd confront her about that! Dont you get a receipt or stub when you make a money order? you do in the UK (we call em postal orders), so that you can prove you made one (hence why it's better than sending cash). Ask to see that. Your school checks people as they come in???!! what for exactly??? And what do they do? wow thats weird.
  13. So Rebecca, did your black and red jaguar turn up? If so, how you finding it (in terms of sound, playablity, "feel" etc)?
  14. Generally speaking yes, like i said the Jag is still in character with the capability of heavier styles but you can still get stock sounds. yeh i was curious as to the point of the SD Quarter Pounder. If you want that sort of output (12k), why not get a humbucker? I dont see the point of a single coil that overwould - surely it'll lose the single-coil clarity anyway, and with all that winding it'll be as noisy as hell. But if it does still sound jag-like, thats awesome.
  15. def worth waiting for the 30VT, because it has a power attenuator knob on the back which the 15VT lacks. According to the Patchtronix forums, the Valvetronix amps only work really well when the master volume is cranked. I actually tried out a valvetronix in Soundcontrol on Oxford Street a while back, and using the above tip i could get a crazily nice lead sound at a really nice low volume level. much smoother than anything my Roland Microcube can get anyway. The effects were great too, very useable.
  16. looks like a freaking awesome pedal. no idea what it sounds like, but it has a cool spinning wibbly light thing. so yeh. buy it.
  17. yeh, re-reading the original post, i was wrong it DOES sound like microphonic feedback. either get your pickups wax potted or buy a new pair (Fender AV Jag pickupss seem to give the most *true* jag sound..go for SDs if you want hotter)
  18. sounds like a grounding issue to me. Microphonic feedback sounds like squeeling and whistling, and happens occasionally not constantly. Microphonic problems are solved by waxed potting but i dont think that'll help in this case. if you say your strat (which also has single coils) DOESNT get the same noise in the same room, then it's not 60 cycle hum. The jag has a complex wiring schematic - i think a wire has come loose and is not touching somewhere it should be. A grounding wire not properly hooked up the bridge would mean your guitar doesnt get grounded when you touch the strings - which it seems is your problem. Does the sound happen equally on both and the lead and rhythm circuits?
  19. there is a difference between pickups covering in metal/chrome, and those without (hence why you can get Gibson SGs with covered or uncovered pickups) Apparently metal ones sound a bit smoother, but you also lose some harmonics. Plastic covered ones though...nope no difference.
  20. wow cool man - good to hear you're not another Brandon Perry! and wow @ you playing since you were 13 - wish i'd started so young. Funnily enough my 10 year old niece is really into Avril Lavigne, so yesterday i taught her to play her first powerchord! I was so proud
  21. nope, its still broken - its one of the weird 22" scale Mexican Duo-Sonics, so it would need a new custom-cut nut made. I havent got the time or cash to get it fixed, so i just play it without a bottom E string! sucks to play anything involving powerchords
  22. damn right - I've got an all black Jaguar HH, and it sounds pretty much like a jaguar - i sometimes do wish i had a real jag though Was looking an American Vintage Reissue one earlier in a guitar shop earlier, and its was sooo sexy...till i looked at the price!
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