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  1. dont try beefy slinkies (11-54), theyre tooo big! you're probably end up with sore fongers and/or a snapped nut (yup, i broke the but on my Fender Duo Sonic but putting too thick strings on and playing too hard) Try Earny Ball Power Slinkys (11-48 ) first, theyre perfect on my jag-master, and im about to try em on my jag-stang!
  2. why'd you find the jag-stang un comfortable? My jag-stang is the most comfortable guitar i own, due to a) perfect balace, small lightweight body and c) high cutaways. And thats before i even mention the amazing thin neck. Dont care about no countours, never even notice it doesnt have them.
  3. minimum 11s...i like power slinkies. D'Addarios suck. on another note rebecca599106 - you have a jag-stang AND a jaguar? and you're only 15?? god damn..I played a yamaha pacifica 112 for 8 years before i got a new guitar..but now i got a jag and a JS too..woo, great guitars!
  4. thats seriously sexy! black + red pickguard = best look for a jaguar! I have a jaguar HH..but im jealous!
  5. Seymour Duncan Vintage rails/Cool Rails? Think they have the same list price, but you can usually pick up SD pickups cheap-ish 2nd hand on ebay..cos thyere so common.
  6. nice, you met coutrney? nope, just played her guitar. read the thread i linked!
  7. really? no idea - just trying to throw the dude a bone, ya know..
  8. at the verty worst his account would get banned - however, this usually only happens after 3 non-payments, and anyway he only has 6 feedbacks so who cares. The actual seller cant do sh*t so really its down to a moral decision - do you pull out of the agreement or do you go through with it, just to be right and keep your word. i say write the seller an email saying your dad got confused then pull out, saying you have no intention of paying. your choice buddy.
  9. sy use jazzmasters more often. they over use them.. Yeh i know - they need the extra scale length for all the weird tunings. Over-use is right, you know they were carrying aroundlike 25-30 guitars, before all their gear got nicked in 1999. Funny thing was they said at the time that they'd never be able to play certain songs again..cos they didnt work out what the strings were tuned to and they never wrote all the tunings down! nah, really its Placebo i got the jag for..their first album has the best guitar sound EVER!
  10. or just default on the payment.. Obviously i'm a big ebay user (buyer and seller) and normally i wouldnt suggest this behaviour but...you know...if the guys Dads poor. it's only a 6+ feedback account that won, if it got banned no biggie. and the seller could easily relist/sell that thing to next highest bidder. You could argue putting "rare" in the auction subject was misleading
  11. Well, having played one of Courtney's actual Venus' (though no one here believes me - see this thread - http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopi ... c&start=20) I say it's a really nice guitar, nicely built and good neck. Dont about sound cos i didnt play it amplified, uess its a case of try before you buy! Personally i think theyre ugly as crap, so id never get one.
  12. personally, thats the reason i bought the HH over a regular jag (i always wanted a Jaguar cos of the Placebo/Sonic Youth connection). It does make the fretboard pretty wide though..bet the neck's alot thinner and more comfortable on a reguar jag I also liked the fixed bridge - so much simpler when you use lots of alternative tunings!
  13. fantastic news!! Was the 2nd bigger package marked as a "gift" or "repair parts", or were you just lucky? Damn, time to order some stuff off that site!
  14. first of all, i'd like to point out that the subject title is misleading - to get "ripped off" on Ebay means either the seller doesnt send the item, or describes it wrong. You offered the seller $860 for the item, totally your choice. Next, on the issue of "did you pay too much", well maybe a little - brand new CIJ Jaguars go for around $650-$700, and I'm not aware of any differences between the 1994 models and the current ones. But then I do know the current CIJ Jags arent the highest build quality, and come with bad pickups, so maybe the early 1990s ones were better. The seller also lists "rare" in the item description, not sure why a sunburst jag is rare, maybe he just means its cos its a 1994 model? But anyway as said, if its a decent guitar who cares what you paid for it? I've paid too much for a few things on ebay - ts just one of those things
  15. I've got a les paul - my jaguar HH sounds nothings like it. Different pickups, pots and scale give it a completely different tone. Yeh the Fender Dragster humbuckers are supposedly only rated at 8k, and have only ever been used in telecasters before - just designed as slightly beefier noiseless single coil replacements. that means the rhythm circuit wiring isn't the same. and it would probably sound more les paul like if there were 250k pots in. although you could just turn the original ones down, i suppose. meant 50k tone - its still the same as any jaguar!! Aren't all 4 les paul pots normally 500k? yeh yeh, got me there..
  16. surely having a guitar with 1M pots is far more veratile - turn your tone pot down to 4-5, and boom you have a 250k tone pot! think mad-mike has 500k pots in his jag, and yeh they sound decent. Also the Fener Cyclone II is loaded with jag pickups and uses either 250k or 500k pots - however, everone says it just sounds like a Strat, it loses that Jaguar feel.
  17. When i think *twang*, i think of a telecaster. Jaguars probably arent more popular cos they're a nightmare to setup/maintain, and they dont distort particularly well (for powerchords and stuff). They sound great at what they do, but what they do is quite specific! Yeh, perfect for surf though - they're the original surf guitars!
  18. shouldn't be too far off, with the same basic hardware. Yes, it really does have all the same hardware as a les paul - except for the pickups, pots, tuners, neck, scale-length and body. How ridiculous, its a completely different guitar except for the bridge. the Jaguar HH really just sounds like a beefed up jaguar - it has the same scale and wiring (1 meg pots) as a regular jag, and the Fender Dragster pickups are low output ones, designed to sound like single-coils. It is NOT a Kurt-ified jag, you're thinking of the Jagmaster or the Fender Tornado. The wiring is identical to a regular jaguar. To 1MEG tone and volume pots in the lead circuit, and 25k/1MEG tone/volume in the rhythm circuit.
  19. is that a 24" scale Jagmaster II, or one of the older 25" scale olds? Corrr, looks good with black pickguard...but why only 1 pickup??!
  20. yes i know what guitar you meant - i was just saying that you could save a hell of a lot of money by buying a Jagmaster II for $250, which is already a Kurt-afied Jag with Seymour Duncan pickups and a 3-way pickup selector. Even if you added SD JBs and a tune-matic bridge, it would still be less than half the price of buying a guitar from japan. If you want a better quality version, search ebay for a Vista Jagmaster - those versions even used a Jaguar neck, so its even more accurate copy.
  21. you realise you could save a ton of money by simply buying a sunburst 24" scale Squire Jagmaster II? The build quality is very high, and they come with fender-clones of Duncan Distortions. Only real difference is the strat bridge, instead of the tune-o-matic. Even if you got a full setup and swapped the pickups out for SD JBs, you'd still be making a big $$$ saving for basically the same guitar!
  22. http://www.ehx.com/ehx2/Default.asp?q=f ... ANO%5FLine when did these come out??!! soo cute and collectable - i literally want them all!
  23. yeh i noticed that! cool amp for him to use, considering its a cheap solidstate jobby!
  24. so Fender gave him the new red jag-stang after he died? bit insensitive wasnt it..? i mean he wouldnt exactly be able to play it that well with no head. I think he meant that they had one ready for him when they found out he was dead. They were going to send it to him, but he died so they didn't send it. yeh i know, i was joking. sorry, i forgot the smilly! ->
  25. ok ok you got me there - Fender Eighty five is decent. Very nice clean sound and quite loud too, and great reverb. I was my first ever amp, and i played it for about 8 years! In the end i changed to the valvestate cos i just couldnt get that marshall distortion sound i always dreamed of, no matter how many pedals i added to the fender (awful overdrive channel)- plus i found the speaker a bit boxy. say what you like about the valvestate VS100R, but the 12" speaker is REALLY nice..so much bass, just sounds so open. I'm now , after 10 years of playing, looking into getting a cheap all valve amp - probably the Pignose G40v or the Crate V58. i just wanna try the valve thing..see what ive been missing out on see, now you've got me thinking - might have to fire up the old Eighty Five tonight! havent played it for over a year, should be interesting!
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