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  1. Hi, I won a Brunswick Baritone BU4B uke off ebay the other day will post up how well it plays when it turns up. Any other ukulele players on here, any advice for playing a baritone or do you of any good site for tabs, scales, etc? Cheers MaL
  2. I've noticed this also but had my 'stang setup recently and the tech didn't switch the bridge so the screws faced the tremlo. Is a certain direction better for tuning/whammy?
  3. Thanks guys Live in the UK so looking at custom guard prices now. Another stupid question do Strat and Tele knobs fit Stang pots i imagine they do just want to be certain Cheers
  4. Any luck with this? Was looking to put a replacement PG on my MG69 but saw same issue with Jap vs US made...
  5. ORANGE Micro Crush 3W Mini Amp Bought one of these after i couldn't find my 15W practice amp this weekend. Have to say quite impressed, its very loud and the Overdrive isn't to bad either. Tuning seems best when the amp Volume is on 0. It comes with some screwable pegs for another strap so you can wear the amp lol! Takes 9V battery and charger, says it has 15 hours of battery life. Got this for £34.99 and i would recommend it if your looking for something small and light.
  6. Cheers. Just had this setup at the shop. Now plays very nicely needed to have this done for so long. You chaps have any essential tips for maintaining guitar, strings etc? Thanks
  7. Cheers good to know it isn't a problem. I have been trying to setup the bridge and finding it very difficult any advice? I also removed the vibrato to try and finding lock it for better tuning but couldn't really work out what i was supposed to do with the springs any advice? Cheers for the help.
  8. Also do you know the part code for the MG69 Japan Mustang pickguard? As i would like to try out a black guard but the shop said it would only fit usa models?
  9. Hi all! Long long time lurker (since i was a long haired teen lol) Got a Fender Mustang Japan '04-05 Reissue way back in 2005 just after my first student loan in my 2nd year! This guitar made the rest of my uni life hard with no money but i always loved this guitar, was on a bus and went past Steel City guitars, saw it in the window and instantly fell in love ;D. So after uni it kinda got left alone. I am expecting to be a dad soon and want to learn lots more songs to play to the little 'un so out comes the mustang, as first i looked up its value on the net as i wanted to sell it
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