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  1. anyone got one? are they a worthy alternative to the dual rec?
  2. anyone got any? if so, are they any good? im thinking about getting one but my friend had a problem with his when using his distortion. he said it was muffling the phrase when soloing over it. he was using the amp distortion. anyone else got the same problem? if not point me in the direction of the pedal your using!!
  3. in answer to vic108 the music my band plays is kinda post grunge metal but i would like it to be a versatile amp. i dont use many pedals, just a boss tuner and ehx clone chorus. my budget is 1000 max really. that is for a half stack ideally. the size of our gigs varies but there getting bigger. no gigs outside yet. and yeh we generally gig with that kind of equipment too. yeh i agree i was a bit vague, but i have no idea where to start on amps. cheers guys
  4. hey everyone, my amp is starting to die so this gives me a good reason to upgrade and get a new one. Im looking for a three channel amp (1 clean, 2 drives) preferrably all tube. can be a head or combo doesnt matter, but loud enough for gigging. other than the obvious mesa triple rec etc any suggestions?
  5. i tried unplugging my guitar lead from the amp. and the fuzz went away. so what does that mean then? crappy leads?
  6. hey, ive got a problem with my amp. When on the dist channel, with the volume up or down, theres a loud fuzz. anyone know why, and how i can fix it? cheers
  7. lol im not. its when i rest my hand on the gutiar to solo or whatever. i just accidently hit it and boom its happened. are they actually the washers i would use?! my playing style isnt retarded!!!
  8. has anyone here modded theirs? i ask this because whenever im playing a gig, and im "getting into it", i always accidently hit the the pickup switch and turn off the pickups therefore ruining the gig!! what can i do about it? (and dnt say change my playing style!) can i take them lil black things off or somthing?
  9. i want a new bridge pickup for my mustang. i want it to give me a thick distortion sound, not the cliche metal sound, just thick, chuggyness if you get. so i guess that will be a humbucker. any suggestions??
  10. hey its been a while since my last post... i got a weird question though, on the mustang, are all the strings action supposed to be the same? because somehow my high e is lower than all the others. the rest all seem to be the same height of the fretboard, apart from the high e. any ideas why this is?? and how to fix it? cheers.x
  11. ok, i had band practice the other day and i broke the A string on my guitar. I have a gig on thursday night, do i: a. Just replace the a string and have that sounding slightly different? or b. replace all the strings at the risk of crappy tuning because they're new? help please!!
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